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Rogue is now completely finished and dry and folded and ready for it’s maiden voyage on Wednesday.  I chose this day as my dear Rogue will get maximum exposure.  I have a big work meeting and then knitting at night so I can show and tell in one big shot!

It feels so good to have finished.  It’s been months, but in my defense I knit a ton of other stuff in between for the holidays.

So to redeem myself, this weekend I also knitted and blocked:

Three hats knitted from the three ply llama that I spun up.
And…Cape May!  I just finished laying it out now, and then just have to sew on the ribbon.

I’m currently working on a drop stitch scarf to use the last of my biggie print from Cape May and Bejewelled and Mika and Celtic Dreams.

I’m hoping as of Feb 1 to only have Celtic Dreams on the needles and start some fun stuff for Project Spectrum!

Also this weekend I had a kick arse Tastefully Simple party.  I know I had a great time and I think/hope all of my friends did too.  In fact, they at least liked the product because I ended up with over $100 in free product!  Holy dip and beer bread batman!  I only had $30-$40 on my wish list so I really got to go to town!  Fun stuff!

Hope you all had a good weekend!  Pics within the next day or so…stay tuned!


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Houston: We have sleeves!

This weekend I finished the sleeves for Rogue.  I am putting it together this week.  I cannot wait to wear it.  I hope to wear it next Wednesday.

I also cast ON for the sleeves of my Mika sweater (made from Rowan Big Wool) and that will go fast too.

There is so much on my list to do too!  I’m plotting out my projects for the next 6 months according to need (gifts, etc) as well as wants (things I’m dying to make) as well as Project Spectrum.   If I can follow what I have in my head, this will be the most productive year ever.

I also plan to start posting all FO’s each month on the last day.  So next Wednesday I hope to post pics of FO’s from January.  This will be a nice way to keep track.

While I missed my day of spinning last week, I did at least wash my handspun from the last oh, 8 months and it’s almost dry.  I have a couple special gifts to make with this so I’m happy to be so close to getting started!  Have a great day everyone!

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It might be magic!

Almost immediately after I posted yesterday, hoping for snow, we got a little flurry.  Now it’s just darn right cold.  Hopefully this means some more snow to come!

 I recently discovered Etsy and ordered some silk/wool blend thick/thin yarn to try.  The hand-dyed colors were great and it feels so nice.  I envisioned some sort of warm yet lacy scarf.  I got the yarn yesterday and tried a few stitch patterns before settling on Bejeweled.  I am probably 8-10 inches into it so far and it’s a fun, easy and quick knit.  I should be done soon!  I will post pics as soon as I can, probably sometime this week.

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I don’t even understand what’s happening here.  I bought a ski pass for our local ski area (I had gone back and forth on this too but figured it would be worth it) where I have to ski at least 7 times for it to have been worth it for me to purchase a pass.

It is January 16.  It has not snowed.  In fact, it’s been warm, or rainy, both not good for skiing.  Soon, I’m going to go just to go and hope for the best.  I really didn’t want to waste $200 sitting on my arse.

Anyway, in other news, I did truly want to update this blog more often but I’ve been so bad.  I really will try to do better.  I promise.

For knitting updates, I am working both sleeves of Rogue at once, and am working the stockinette increases.  One down, 5 more to go every 8 rows.  Then I shape the cap sleeves.  So, I will definitely be done by Feb 1.

I haven’t touched the other Rowan sweater, I want to finish Rogue first, but once I do pick it back up, it will be fast.  I’m almost done the right front, so I just have the sleeves and neckline left (size 17’s and big wool will be quick).  Then I will be dedicating myself to both Celtic Dreams (which I can’t wait to pick up again) and the lacy socks from my Sundara sock club that I got this month.  Lots to do!

In spinning news, I have kept my resolution thus far and will continue it tonight, to spin at least once a week for a couple hours.  I’m working on my Traditional since I gave my Kiwi to my mom to paint.  She called this weekend to tell me that my wheel is all done!  I can’t wait to see it.  This is something I’ve wanted since I bought my wheel and figured now is a good time to get it painted/decorated so I can “pimp my wheel” on Feb 1.  It will also be nice to go to SPA in February with my fun wheel. 

Speaking of SPA, I even bought new pj’s for the occasion…..pink fleece pj’s with black and white sheep all over them.  Nice and festive!

This was a nice long weekend for me.  I headed off to the cape where Peter and I relaxed for a couple days.  I needed the rest.  I also made it to my favorite thrift shop down there and scored!  Got a Ralph Lauren wool sweater, a Calvin Klein cotton sweater, a pair of pants, jeans, greeting cards, new measuring spoons, stitch markers, and a Le Sportsac bag, all for $20.  I love that place.  I always find great things there.  A little laundry and I’m good to go with some nice, new to me clothes in great condition! 

Well, I guess that’s enough rambling for now.  Have a great week everyone!  I’ll try to post more soon.

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Hello again.

I’m still here.  The cold I had just knocked me out from making any efforts towards blog updating.  I’m still a little sniffly, but generally back to normal.

And, I have been spinning and knitting up a storm.  Last night I was able to get the “new” wheel spinning like never before.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was convinced there was something wrong with it.  There isn’t!  It must have been me.  Anyway, I spun on my new wheel last night because my Kiwi is in the planning stages for the wheel pimping to take place on February 1.  Should be interesting!  More info to come on that!  So to kick it off, here is what I spun last night on the “new wheel”.  It’s a little something pretty I picked up at Rhinebeck.


Here is some white and black llama that I spun and three plied.  Two strands of white and one strand of black.  These will be mittens for my friend Dave who gave me the llama wool.


This is my finished Rogue hood!  I am now on the final stretch that is the sleeves!  (Finally!)


This is the front left and back of the “miki” sweater from Rowan Magazine #38.  The right front is not pictured but that is almost done too.


I also did start the Celtic Dreams sweater.  I only worked the “saddles” for the shoulders as I want to finish the other two first but it was nice to get started.  I can’t believe I may actually be able to wear a sweater that I made THIS winter!  Good stuff!

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And the winner is….


 Congratulations!  I will be giving you something fun and knitty from my stash! 

Good luck to everyone with your resolutions.  I’ve already started knitting for me, so I’m working on that and today is Tuesday so there will be spinning.  I’m very optimistic!

Now, as long as I behave on the diet and spending it’ll be a good year all around!

I hope you all had a fantastic New Year, whether you partied hardy or just laid back and relaxed. 

I started a sweater  out of the Rowan Magazine #38 called Miki and have finished the back, left front, and am on the right front.  It is knit with Rowan Big Wool on size 17’s so it will be done quite fast.  Just the way I like it!

 Anyway, have a great week everyone and Happy New Year!  May 2007 bring you much happiness!

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