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It had been over a year since I had made it to a sheep and wool festival.  It was so nice to make it back!

What’s strange for me though is that I didn’t buy a stitch yarn or fiber!  I have so much at home and little time to work with it and just saw no need to add to my large collection.

I was also recently given two llama fleeces if you will and need to get those processed in order to spin those up so I think I’ve got plenty to work with.

I did buy a Jessalu project box bag that I LOVE, some great soaps from my favorite soap lady, and a pretty stone button as well as some yummy maple syrup and snacks.  There was a first time vendor with some angora yarn that I was drooling over but I resisted…for now.

They had an area penned off that I never noticed before with a bunch of babies.  SO ADORABLE.

Baby Pot Belly Pigs

And of course other grown up animals that were fun to check out.

It was a great day followed by a tasty lunch at Mezcal then off to the cape for a bit of relaxation to round off the holiday weekend.  Hope you all had a good one too!


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Our little Abby is growing up!

She’s about 7 months old now and we made it through potty training, puppy training and are now in our intermediate training course.

She’s really a sweet girl but has TONS of energy.  Watch out for her when she gets that “bad dog smile” as P calls it.  She can be a handful.

We have done a lot of hiking at Purgatory together and recently took her to the beach for the first time.  She drinks salt water like nobody’s business.

Our backyard is perfect for her as it’s pretty large and completely fenced in.  I was quite nervous to get her but it’s really all fallen into place.


And the famous bad dog smile:

She’s our goth doggy with the purple tongue.  We may at some point do the genetic testing as we’d love to know what she’s a mix of.  We were told Lab, but also something that gives her the tongue color like Shar-Pei or Chow and most recently we saw a similar dog that was a Terrier mix so who knows!

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Bride Brain

As you can imagine, I have been quite excited about our upcoming wedding and the associated planning.  There is just so much to consider!  We can’t wait to marry each other but also want to make sure it’s a great time for all.

Our venue holds tastings every other month and this month we took our parents along with us to check out the set up and options.

We sampled appetizers passed as they would for our wedding, and tried some of the dishes offered for the main course and sampled some cake.  Preferred vendors were set up to meet and greet and while we already have some items booked, it was nice to check out vendors for which we have yet to decide upon.

We have at this point booked our venue, DJ and photographer.  That’s really what I wanted to accomplish immediately so that we could have our pick of those vendors.  I would think it’s harder to get the same selection the longer you wait.

I thought I’d do a whole lot of DIY for this wedding, however I think P is a good influence on me.  I’ve decided not to make myself crazy.  At this point I’d rather pay someone for most things than go the DIY route.

What I will DIY are invites, favors, amenity baskets, aisle decor, welcome bags, and place cards.  Not bad and totally doable with 350 days to go.  Plenty of time!

This month, I’ll start some dress shopping which is exciting, yet nerve wracking at the same time.  I can imagine I’d be less nervous about it if I were a size 2 but I’m not, so it will be interesting to say the least.

As someone that really knows her mind and can make solid decisions fast, this experience is leaving me all muddled.  I’ve been a bit more discombobulated and forgetful.  Centerpieces?  I could not possibly figure out a centerpiece.  Too much pressure.  So I’m trying to go slow and think of wedding thoughts in small doses.

Mercifully, at the venue tasting they had centerpiece examples and I think I found the one we will use.  It’s simple, classic and perfect for May.

I think we also decided upon a cake.  If you know me, this may come as a surprise as I’m all about the cupcake.  I love cupcakes.  I love the serving size, I love the little cuteness of them…just love ’em.  BUT, I like the classic wedding cake more I think.

We got to see and sample from a cupcake tower from the site’s preferred vendor but will likely do some more cake tasting to figure out what we really want.  I don’t think P will mind.  The tastings are fun!

We were also able to see what the ceremony area will look like.  In booking our reception room, we also get access to a nice brick patio off of multiple glass doors and a tented ceremony area.  This is where the magic will happen.

It was really great to see as it confirmed for me that I absolutely need an aisle runner and was able to flesh out a better idea for aisle decor at the same time.

I love these for aisle decorations…

(Image from Weddingbee/Photo courtesy of Wendy Hithe Photography)

This is one thing that I think I can be comfortable with as a DIY project.  It will be fun to put together!

I guess that’s it for now.  Not sure what if anything I’ll post about dress shopping as I certainly want to leave some things to the imagination but figured I’d give you all a taste of where I’m at!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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