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Lovely lace.

Onward and upward I say!

I still want to try some lace and want to at least choose a pattern and cast on.  I will admit, this is a bit daunting.  I of course chose intermediate and experienced lace patterns but whatever, I’ll just jump in with both feet.

I was actually hoping you could all help me choose my pattern.  I know which one I favor (can you guess which one that is?)  but I thought I’d throw a few choices out there!

So, out of this book:


I am looking at these patterns:






Actually after photographing, uploading and posting all that I think I’m closer to my decision!  I’d still love your feedback though.  Which one do you like best?  Or think I should try rather?


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Almost there!  I hoped I’d have enough yarn for this to be AT LEAST 60″ long.  I’m already over 42″ and have almost three and a half balls left (minus fringe).  I think I’ll have plenty and it will be a great length.  Here she is so far!



I just cannot wait to finish this one!  I love how the colors change, love the colors, love everything!  This is a lot of fun to make.  If you dedicate yourself to it, it should go rather quick too.   Hopefully I will have finished pictures for you soon! 

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Yes, the lady it is.

I have decided that I will finish the Lady by Easter. I think that will be a nice thing to wear to the family functions that day. So there we have it! I’m working through the seventh ball of Noro out of ten, so the end is near.

I’ve also had some thoughts about Glee. I’m not sure that I’m going to continue. I haven’t gotten very far but Lolly was having a tough time with the pattern or how it came out rather and changed it slightly to remove the hook and eyes from the “v-neck” part. I don’t think I’m in love with it. Not sure what to do. I may be sending Glee to the Frog Pond and crossing that off the list too.

I do need to start something springy/summery and have plans to make Something Red and Green Gable so I may just go for one of those next…..

I promise to have Lady Eleanor progress pics this week!

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Everyone cheats on diets right?  Could not resist the Duet Sock Yarn.

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Well, I am officially (sorta since I chose not to count the projects I simply can’t find in my house) half way through my WIP list! See:

On the Needles (WIPs):

Snowflake Socks
Retro-Rib Socks (1 down, 1 to go)
Mika (Sweater from Rowan 38) (Just gotta finish the darn sleeves)
A felted bag
Ribbed Socks I can’t find them so I’m crossing them off.
Basic Stockinette socks (Frogged-too boring)
Celtic Dreams
Lady Eleanor
A dishcloth (Can’t find this either – was in the same bag w/the ribbed socks)

Now I will allow myself to start something new. I ordered and received the book Victorian Lace Today and LOVE IT. I got a small taste of lace with the snowflake socks and recently swapped to get some lace yarn (nope didn’t buy it) so I think I will make a lacy scarf next. Now, just to choose the pattern.

In the meantime however, I have at least three secret projects to work on. They are secret and will be for a while. I hate to be so devious but a secret is a secret. So, if I remain as disciplined as I’ve been, I may just wait on my lace until I get a little further down the list. I still can’t wait to meet my “Lady” and wear her around on my arms so maybe I’ll give her the attention next.

Anyway, it has been a good week of great progress. Here’s hoping for more FO’s next week! I’m clearly on a roll!

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I really need to try to figure out who this person is.  She (I know it’s a she b/c no men joined this particular round, it just happened that way I guess) is a spinner as she enclosed some handspun, the first package had a post card from the Berkshires and this box was reused from somewhere in the US and the return address is Boston.  I’ll have to figure out who my Boston girls are.  I know of one off the top of my head but I’m not sure it’s her. 

Anyway, onto the yarny goodness….we have some brown handspun, some Mountain Colors sock yarn with some pretty greens in it, a fun cow tape measure, (I’m a total sucker for fun tape measures…) and a Lindt truffle bar.  What a great, blissful package to receive!  Thank you whoever you are!  I’ll have to think on this to see if I can figure out who you are!


Now, I realize the note is a bit, um, er, interesting.  The inside says “What does that say about our relationship?”  Let me specify that SEX has a different meaning for knitters and yarny goodness so don’t worry there….the card did give me a chuckle though!  The meaning of the “acronym” is totally escaping me right now, but trust me, the SEX is all about the yarn thankyouverymuch.  =)  (ETA:  I think it’s something like Stash Enhancement ….something)

Thanks SP for a fun and fantastic package!

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And another one bites the dust (off of the list)!

This is the Missy Bag pre-felting:


And Finished/Felted:





Pattern:  Missy Bag
Needles:  10 1/2 24″ circs.
Yarn:  Skol (Norwegian Wool) by Unger
(This yarn was given to me by a friend – Thanks Joy! – It is a pretty greyish blue color and is nice, feltable wool)
Modifications:  I think I made it all just a tad shorter, the bag, and handles.
I may actually sew or tack the sides in a tiny bit at the top as it is a bit open or make gussetted snaps maybe.  I also added a brooch.
Started:  Not sure.  Sometime Spring/Summer 2006 and put it down for a while.
Finished:  March 21st, 2007

This pattern was from Knittychick from the free felted bag section but I printed it a while back and now cannot find it.  I tried to follow the link printed on the pattern but it is no longer available.

Knittychick is a great site.  You can find tons of great free patterns of all types!  Book mark this one!

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