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I first want to say I’m sorry for such a belated post.  Marianne had me up to Bar Harbor Maine.  Her parents have a lovely home there and we had a great time.  There was knitting, cross stitching, food, food, a hike around Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park, popovers, food, seeing the sights, food, and of course a little shopping.

Here are some pictures from the park:

This was Thunder Hole.  It was not thundering though when we were there….but when it does, waves crash hard in this inlet and water flies up and it sounds like thunder…

Me at Thunder Hole

Really large, cool beach rocks…

Me on the rocks…red hair and all….

Me on Sand Beach.

Then, Marianne’s parents took us to one of their friends’ house up the road….It was such a sight I had to take a few pictures….this is a shot of their pool area from their deck.  In the back…you see a house.  It’s only the guest house though so you can imagine what the main house was like….HUGE.

Sorry the pic is blurry.  Then there is the hot tub on the deck overlooking the water….

I want a house like this one day!

Anyway, a great time was had by all…I even saw a deer up close as it walked through the back yard.

Thanks again Marianne!

So, this weekend is a special weekend….I am hosting a baby shower for my lovely friend Tricia.  I can’t wait either….I think all is in order and it should be a great time.  It’s a small shower as us knitting gals can’t make it to the other shower (it’s the same day as Rhinebeck) and it should be fun.

So, I should have great pics for you all next week.  Have a great weekend!


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Sammy taking a little drink….

Bootsie enjoying a favorite toy for cats….a big ‘ol box….

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It’s finally done. It was such an easy knit…bulky yarn, size 17 needles, but a pain at the same time….buly yarn, size 17 needles.

I started last December. I actually remember the day I started because I was home sick from work. And now, it’s finally done. Here is Mika from Rowan Magazine 38:

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Three Years ago…

I married the love of my life.

Happy Anniversary Honey!

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Last week I was in Kansas for work.  I did take a few pictures believe it or not, but really should have taken more.  I forgot my camera on the last night at the hotel so I did not get the chance to take pictures of a co-worker singing Poison’s Talk Dirty To Me.  I secretly signed him up while he was in the bathroom.  Poor guy.  He was a good sport though and did it anyway.  I think the whiskey helped.

I’m getting ahead of myself though.

Sunday night, I was SICK as a DOG.  Wondering if I could make it on the trip, the van ride to the airport, the flight…I was THAT sick.  ALL NIGHT LONG.  I did make it though.  As my blogless friend Jen would say, I “powered through it”.

To get to Hays, Kansas, we flew a big plane to Denver then this to Hays:

I was nearly hysterical.  No bathroom (note that I was sick as a dog), no flight attendant, one seat on each side of the plane to total about 13 or so….no door to the cockpit.  We could watch the pilots do everything.  Two propellers.  UGH.  I made it though (without crying although that was a close call) and the guys I was traveling with only laughed a little.

The Hays “airport” was more of a hangar than anything else…”baggage claim” was a door through which they hand you your luggage…

In Hays, there is mostly fast food, and a Walmart.  No, I am not kidding.  We did find one great spot which was a brewery and just a fun place.  There was a quilting place I found on the web that had yarn but the fact that there were three men with me who had control of the car meant no yarn for me.

The last night we checked out the local bars which was an experience in itself….but all around a good trip, the hospital was nice and the staff excited to get started with the software.  I think I have five more trips out….hopefully I get more used to the flights….

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And I’m off again.

Sorry I haven’t posted all week but work has been/continues to be quite busy lately.

The weekend in Maine was fantastic…thanks Marianne!!!

We had a lot of fun, I got some knitting done, saw some sights, ate good food, just a good time.

I have pictures but haven’t had time to post.  I will though.

I am off next week to (of all places) Kansas (for work).  I will be back on line on Friday next week but may not post much until the following week.

I plan to bring some secret knitting projects for the plane rides and downtime.  Six secret projects to be exact.  😉

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great weekend and a good week next week and I’ll catch up with you all when I’m back.

Take care!

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I made my good friend Marianne a sweater for her birthday and had so much gosh darn Lopi left that I figured I’d make one for me too. It’s been a slow WIP as it’s heavy wool and summertime (not a good combo) but I’m proud to say that it is done and come this fall I have a new sweater to wear that is mine, all mine!!! Honestly, I could have started and finished in under two weeks but I had so many other projects that screamed at me louder so they got all the attention.

So here it is, my Lopi sweater. Pattern is from a Vogue Knitting on the Go book, Chunky Knits.

So now, I’ve made myself a total of two sweaters, my mom one, my mother in law one, and one for Marianne.

I’m very close to finishing a third sweater for myself….so close I can taste it.  I just have to finish seaming then block it.  I am sort of excited about it.  It is another that should have only taken two weeks or so but since I can’t seem to handle knitting monogamy, it has been lying around, 80% finished since last December.

Next week I WILL be posting it as a finished item!

I’m off for a long weekend with Marianne to Bar Harbor!  I have all sorts of knitting packed up so maybe I’ll even have more to show next week.

Have a great weekend everyone.  I’ll be back Tuesday.

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