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So in addition to Oscar on the bookcase, last night was quite a night.  Not only did he get on the bookcase twice, in the middle of the night, (despite the fact that I piled pillows on there) crying until we paid attention to him, but another cat puked on the sheets, and another attacked feet under the covers and then of course Purl just licked me until I pet her.  I guess I’m not allowed to sleep in on a Sunday.

Then this happened…

I swear they are trying to kill me.


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So that you don’t kill them.

Why am I up before 6am on a Saturday morning?  Because my psycho cat Oscar somehow gets on the top of the bookcase (even though I blocked his usual approach with pillows) then meows until I get him down.  The first few times I laughed.  He wouldn’t come to me so I took an empty laundry basket, held it up, and he climbed in so I could get him down.

I got wise and put pillows on top of the book case on the corner onto which he jumps from the radiator.

This morning, I swear he must have climbed the damn bookcase to get up there as the pillows were also still there.

Bring on the coffee.

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It’s a good day.

It’s been a while.  I could say I’ve been busy which is not exactly a lie, but too busy to blog?  Nope.  More like lazy.

I deserve to be lazy too.  I’ve spent the last ten years knocking myself out to keep busy that I’m just damn tired I think.

Things here are fabulous.  The last of my ex’s shit is gone and as far as I’m concerned, he is completely out of my life and it is pure bliss.

P and I continue to have a great time together.  We had a big party in June, and despite the downpours that pounded us during the party, it was a success!  All of the prep work leading up to that kept us quite busy so it’s been nice to lay low.

So now it’s July, fully into summer and I’ve actually been able to RELAX.  Such a new word for me.  I’ve been spinning, knitting, reading and otherwise lounging.  We’ve been cooking and continue to try new recipes, checking out some flea markets, searching for farmer’s markets…it’s been so much fun.  It still amazes me that being with someone can be this wonderful and effortless.  I’m a lucky girl.

I still have a decent chunk to accomplish in the house…a bit more painting to do, and the craft room still looks like a bomb went off in it, so I aim to straighten that out this weekend.  I want space for all my crafty things, and my sewing table back.  I have some projects I’d like to start.

It’s a beautiful early July morning.  I work at home today and am at the kitchen table with my windows and doors open.  The air feels great, and I love the summer morning smell.  The birds are chirping and the cats are salivating.

I’m going to make some coffee and get to work.  I hope you all have a great weekend.

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