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A red loop

I’ve been thinking of knitting a cowl for a while.  I had some DK weight cotton yarn and decided to give it a go.

I chose the pattern A Grey Loop and it was a simple and rather enjoyable knit.  The repetitiveness of it made it easy TV knitting too.  I have yet to officially block it so I do hope it grows a bit for me as I like the drape of the picture in the pattern picture more than what I have going on and I think it’s a length thing.

Here’s a bad cell phone self portrait of the finished yet unblocked product:


After blocking I’ll work on some pictures with my “real camera”.


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I know it’s been a while and there are still some “secret” projects out there but I have picked up some small projects here and there to sort of keep me going.

Most recently, I knit up a felted wine tote.  It’s some green Lopi yarn that I had left over so it was a bit bulky.  I didn’t pay much attention to gauge because frankly, I didn’t care.  So, of course the tote came out a tad large….you can probably fit more like two regular sized bottles in there (although that might be a tight squeeze) but this is more suited for a large bottle of wine I’d say.  The more the merrier right?

It’s currently blocking with a 750ml bottle of Three Olives vodka in it but it’s doing the trick!

Here’s “Harry Wine Bottle Tote” pattern by Ina Braun.

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