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This does feel good…

The house next door had been vacant for a long time.  Some people moved in, appeared to be two couples and did amazing work on the property.  It just looks fantastic now!

Surprisingly, when it comes to our neighborhood, I’m extremely anti social.  I definitely don’t live in the type of place where your neighbors bring you pies, so maybe that’s it?  We only really know the people that live on either side of us.  Finally, after months (a YEAR?) I chatted with one of the women next door.  She’s a little younger than we are and she is AWESOME.  I’m so psyched to have such great neighbors!

So on Sunday, I brought over two mini loafs of home made banana bread for the neighbors.

5.  Brought banana bread over to the “new” neighbors.

Today on my way home from work, I stopped at the same traffic lights that I had stopped at before when I gave out one of the food bags.  (I’m not a religious person – but I do prefer to call them “blessing bags” as I’ve seen others refer to them but for now, they will be food bags I guess).  The same man was at the lights and he looked at me, smiled and rubbed his belly and said thank you for the food.  He remembered me from last week!  I had four more food bags so I gave him another.  He was very happy.


6.  Gave out another food bag to someone in need.

29 to go!



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Some More For The List

Yesterday on my way home, I passed a man with a sign standing by some traffic lights. His sign said “Hungry please help”. I pulled up and stopped and handed him one of the food bags. He looked grateful and said “thank you ma’am”. Ever since I had my daughter things strike me differently. I couldn’t help but think how that man was somebody’s baby and he’s begging at a traffic light. I really wanted to cry.

Today, I drove up to our local good will store and dropped off two bags of nice, professional clothing that no longer fits.

3. Handed out a food bag
4. Donated clothes

I am saving up for some of my more involved/costly RAKs but for now, I’ll keep doing what I can smaller scale.

31 left to go.

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I decided to start early.

In my quest for performing 35 random acts of kindness, I’ve spent some time planning some action and in doing so, decided I’d start now and do as much as possible leading up to my birthday.

This week, I went to a local grocery store that works off of an interesting concept.  All shopping carts cost a quarter to unlock and when returned, the quarter is released.  It was my first time there, and I didn’t end up grabbing a cart but on my way out, I left a stack of quarters on a pillar near the carts.

While in the store, I bought a bunch of snack foods – raisins, trail mix, granola bars, etc and made up some snack bags for any homeless people I see at the intersections in our city.  I made up a bunch of bags in the car and figured I’d top them off with bottled water I have at home. 

While driving to work, I saw a man standing with a sign at an intersection.  I pulled up and gave him a bag.  He looked a little surprised and thanked me.  I have since added bottled water to the bags and I keep them in my car, ready to give out if I see someone in need.

So, to keep a running list:

1.  Left quarters for shopping carts

2.  Made snack bags and gave one out to a person in need.

Two down, thirty three to go!

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