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I have a plan to make a bunch of mittens for some gifts.  I really liked the “Give a Hoot” mittens so I decided that I’m going to do a little test and knit them without the owl motif and it should go super fast.

If all works out as I plan, I’ll post my revised pattern!


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This Saturday ended up being just ridiculously busy.

P and I had signed up for a class on knife techniques at William Sonoma which was a great idea because we also got to update our registry there.

It was a helluva day though.  Here’s a brief recap of what we accomplished in 12 hours, between 8am and 8pm:

Walked the dog for a mile.
Blocked some knitting
Made breakfast and coffee
Went Raspberry picking
Took the knife techniques class
Updated our registries
Went out for lunch
Did our monthly BJ’s run
Grocery Store
Butcher Shop
Cut and froze bulk meats
Made a batch and a half of raspberry jam
Baked Raspberry muffins
Baked cupcakes with a raspberry cream filling
Made risotto for dinner

While it feels so good to accomplish so much, I’m damn tired.

I will say this late in the season, the raspberry picking was some messy business.

Caught Red Handed

Caught Red Handed

So, a really good Saturday when all is said and done.  And hopefully a busy one that we won’t need to repeat for a while!

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Ah weekend

Like most people, I love weekends.  I love them more and more the older I get.  Since I’m up walking the dog at 5am everyday, I’m so excited for my sleep in day on the weekend that it is one of the highlights for me.

P takes one morning and I take the other so we can each sleep in on one weekend day.  It is DIVINE.

This weekend, while we do have plans (like almost every weekend lately) but I do hope to get a lot of knitting in.  Got a lot of gifts to produce this year so I need to get cracking. Hopefully soon I can show you all some more finished stuff!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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Reunion 2010

P’s family has a yearly reunion in August.  It’s really such a nice thing to do.  Family and close friends all gather at his Aunt & Uncle’s house for a great big cookout/party.

There is a big jumpy house and games for kids, tented areas, food and drinks for adults and just a lot of fun.

I decided to start taking a yearly picture of P and his Dad and uncles (Dad’s brothers).  It was sort of an accident.  I got a great picture of them last year and just simply decided to continue with the “tradition”.

Here’s the 2010 picture:

And the 2009:

Definitely looking forward to 2011 as I will officially be “one of them” at reunion time!

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Flower Power

One of the many sweet things about P is that he frequently comes home with bunches of flowers.  It’s really nice to have them around and they usually last quite a while.  I keep them in a nice big green pitcher on the table.  The latest were hues of peach/orange and yellow.

Thanks as always for the flowers P!  I really appreciate them.

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Abby and I did a little photo shoot together over the weekend.  I think she’s a natural.

She and I take walks now every morning.  We no longer just let her out to do her business in the backyard as she enjoys barking at the black and white “kitties” too much and then she is stinky and requires many baths.

It’s going well, we’re really enjoying her and even thinking of getting her a friend one day.  We shall see.  For now, we will continue to work on training and hopefully she’ll start to calm down a little too.  Still has TONS of energy and lots of mischief!

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Gift Knits

Every year I say I’m not going to knit as many gifts as I did the year before and every year I lie.

I already have three and a half Christmas gifts finished and have a list of those that I will be working on and deadlines and plenty of yarn, so I’m looking forward to it actually.

Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment but I am taking on a lot this year on purpose.  I really just love giving meaningful,  handmade gifts whenever I can and whenever they would be appreciated.  Got big plans for this holiday season so if you’re looking for me, just look for the girl madly knitting with a wild look in her eye and there you will find me.

More FO pics of projects to come!

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