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I know the blog is sadly neglected but I just don’t have it in me lately.

Things are going fantastically though.  I’ve seen a nutritionist and I’m healthily dropping some pounds, I picked out and purchased a wedding gown, and got a bunch of other details/items booked/in place and now onto wedding bands.

In my usual fashion lately, I can’t decide!  So the quest continues.  As long as I find something in under 309 days, I’ll be fine.  Totally doable I hope!

I’m currently working in getting my motivation in check to get knitting for a bunch of upcoming birthdays and the holidays.  P and I also have a wedding to go to in October and I’m pretty excited.  It’s great to go to a wedding all recent and fresh before ours.  I’ll take notes!

Life has been….well, really great actually.  I’m completely head over heels in love, I’m finally enjoying our puppy, and I’m getting the knitting mojo back!  Not too shabby.  As they say too, the best is yet to come!

This weekend will consist of berry picking, jam making, dinner reservations, engagement photo shoots and all sorts of good things.  I’m extremely blessed.

Hope you all have a great weekend!  Hopefully knitting content will be posted soon!


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