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Loving the cakes!

The baby shower on Saturday went well.  I think the mom to be and grand-ma to be loved the baby set that I had knitted.  I showed you all the sweater, and added a hat to the mix to complete the set.

I also had helped the proud grandma make up a nice big diaper cake for the shower.  She did such a great job with it and embellishing it.  I have to say that I just love making diaper cakes.  I should do a side business.

They had the shower at a great irish restaurant in our area.  It was a great time, great food, and I think the new momma is set up with all she’ll need.  I had to scoot early but she had a lot of presents there so I think she’s all good.

Here’s a shot of the gift area and the diaper cake:

I think I’ll have plenty of occasions to make more of these in the near future too!

I love celebrating such happy and exciting times with friends.


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Squares of Comfort.

My dear friend Joy has had a pretty rough 2008 with a lot of sadness and obstacles to overcome. I have never known such a “glass half full” person. She is one of the strongest people I know.

This year, Joy lost her mom to cancer. When she initially told me her mom was sick, my heart broke for her. I knew that I had to put some sort of love and comfort into something tangible that she could wrap around her.

I told my knitting gals about it (at the time there were six of us) and we all decided to make squares to form a blanket for Joy.

ETA:  Bethe, Jasmine, Jen, Tricia, Nancy and I all worked on the blanket.  I just wanted to make sure I mentioned them to thank them for all their hard work.

This past weekend, I found the opportunity to give it to her. I think she really likes it. I hope it brings her comfort during those hard times and helps keep her strong.

We love you Joy!

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Everyone needs a little.  Some more than others.  I find it amazing that knitting can help me keep my sanity.  I’m sure those around me are also thankful.

Have a great weekend.

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Another contest.

I need to have another contest for completely selfish reasons.

I will send two prizes, one to what I deem to be the top suggestion and one randomly selected.

Here’s what I want you to do. Leave me a comment giving me an idea of how I should “decorate” my friend Ray’s desk for his birthday. Every year on/around his birthday, I do something to his desk. One year I wrapped everything in newspaper, other years there have been streamers and confetti all over it. Last year I hid everything on his desk around our work area and made it like a scavenger hunt to find it all.

Your suggestion needs to keep a few things in mind:

1. I am not looking to spend much (if any) money on this. It should be a cheap/creative idea.
2. He is scared (and he should be) so he may pro-actively remove everything from on top of his desk so I need ideas if that happens too (shouldn’t be hard as it would then be shall we say a “blank canvas” for me).
3. I should be able to carry out this plan in roughly an hour or less.

Ok, so now you’re off! I can’t wait to read your ideas/suggestions! I’ll definitely post pictures of what I end up doing.

So leave me a comment on this post. I’ll accept suggestions through midnight on Thursday, May 1.

Thanks for playing!

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More mittens

Even though I haven’t finished my Bird in Hand Mittens yet…(I’m on the last mitten hand) I am still and always on the lookout for other patterns to try now that I have faith in myself that I can knit fair isle.

I found these Blackberry Mittens when trolling Ravelry.  Unfortunately the only option to buy them is to have them mailed in a paper copy but I do love them and think they will be very pretty for next winter.

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A large stash…

Of Lavender!

A woman at work had bought a bunch of lavender to make sachets.  She then became pregnant and could not stand the smell.

Her loss was certainly my gain as she sold me FIVE POUNDS of lavender all in these “brick” bags for $10.

I did get some strange looks when I picked it up from her at work.  Apparently from a distance the bags appeared to contain..ahem…something else.  Upon closer inspection and a sniff test of course everyone knew I was in fact carrying lavender rather than participating in any illegal business.

I gave some away, and I plan to make some sachets for my yarn room with most of what’s left.  Gotta keep the critters away from the wool!

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Ready for the baby!

I finished the baby sweater last night that I’m knitting for my friend’s daughter.  Her shower is Saturday and I’m thrilled to be done now.  I just need to block it, which I’ll do tonight.  I might (if time allows) whip out a hat or booties to go with it.

This is from the Weekend Knitting book and is called Baby’s Pure and Simple Pullover.  I started on April 5th and finished last night.   It is a pretty easy knit and I like how it came out.  I used Knit Picks Swish Superwash in Worsted.  The color is Jade.  It didn’t come out true to color in the picture.  It’s more green.  I hope the new mommy likes it!

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