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Just not enough time.

I’ve had plenty of FO’s to show but no time to post/take pictures.

Next week I travel for work so the prep has been quite extensive and busy busy!

I figured though that I’d do a post and copy Michelle and Marianne so here it goes…

25 Things I Never Get Tired Of

1.  My Kitties
2.  Handbags
3.  Yarn
4.  Fiber
5.  Friends
6.  Family
7.  Coffee
8.  Chocolate Chip Cookies
9.  Comfortable Shoes
10.  Make up
11.  Lip Balm
12.  Perfumes
13.  Sunshine
14.  The Beach
15.  Rainbows
16.  Rain on a warm day
17.  Hugs & Kisses
18.  Lobster & Oysters on the half shell
19.  Cheeses
20.  Most “adult” beverages  😉
21.  Giving gifts
22.  New clothes and pretty underthings
23.  Stationary Supplies
24.  Feeling appreciated at work and at home
25.  Being there for my friends and doing nice things for nice people.
Have a great weekend and a great week next week.  I’ll be clicking my heels in Kansas and praying that no houses fall on me.  (You’re welcome Bethe).


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It has been quite the week.  Work has been beyond insane and high pressure.  I’ve been a ball of stress.  I’ve been busy and tired.  Barely any knitting either.

Imagine my surprise today when I get delivered a package.  (And no it wasn’t something I bought either).


My FAVORITE Morehouse Farm!  I got the Morehouse Farm book SIGNED by the author and made out to me!  (I’m curlytop on the knittyboard).  Along with it was a kit to make a lacy scarf.  The yarn so soft and squishy.  And the colors in the yarn are pink and GREEN!  My favorite!!  <sigh> What a fantastic way to brighten up my week!

So who’s it from?  I have no idea!  I joined up another secret pal round on the knittyboard after having been on a secret pal hiatus.  I am just blown away by the thoughtfulness and generosity of my pal!  I can’t wait to find out who you are.  THANK YOU!  I love it!!   I’m a lucky girl.

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Well, since I’m back knitting some other projects, here are a couple hats.

Two of my co-workers requested hats (they even went to Knitpicks.com to pick out their yarn/colors) so I whipped some out post Xmas knitting.

Yarn:  Knitpicks Andean Silk
Needle size:  7
Pattern:  Johnny Cap by Kat Coyle

Have a great weekend!

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Christmas knitting was a bust.

I finished the sweater for Peter except for one sleeve.  So one side was open when I gave it to him but I had sewn the sleeve on and seemed the other side.

Turns out, he thinks the sleeves are too big…never mind that, he thinks the whole thing is too big but I think per the picture, it’s meant to be a mildly over-sized comfy sweater.  It looks fine no?

What it all comes down to is I’ll have to take out the side I finished, frog the sleeve and re-knit the sleeve shorter/smaller then do the other side to match.  I could just curl up in the fetal position.  So, I’m waiting.  Waiting until maybe February to touch it again.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I wasn’t entirely thrilled with the sweater I knit for my mom.  I followed instructions, but I don’t think I personally like the dropped shoulder look.  I don’t think she does either.  I’m going to want to take it back and knit another sweater out of it.  Note to self:  Avoid anything with a dropped shoulder/sleeve.


So now, I’m trying to regroup, and in doing so I’m knitting some smaller projects and may break out a little sewing and spinning to gear up for getting back on that sweater horse.

Anyway, that’s the scoop.  Hope you all have a great week!

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What a year 2007 has been!  I am so lucky and blessed to have fantastic family and friends.  I don’t think I kept even ONE resolution from last year.  But that’s ok, I still love resolutions and I’ve made some for this year too!  It’s a fresh start and I want me some goals!

Here they are:

1.  Be Healthy (this is actually code for lose 50 pounds)

2.  Be more fiscally responsible (this means curb your yarn buying)

3.  Attempt Lace and Fair Isle.  I see the lace as no problem but the fair isle is scary.

4.  Attempt to de-stress.  I work well under pressure but the stress is starting to take it’s toll as of the past few months.

5.  Spin more often…(on that note, I don’t think I mentioned that I upgraded my wheel to an Ashford Joy and sold my other two.  Now I’ll need mom to paint me a design on the new wheel!)

Ok, so you may be curious about projects completed in the past year.

Let me see if I can sum it up easily:

5 Dishcloths
1 Shawl
5 pairs of socks
7 baby hats
7 baby sweaters
4 Adult sweaters
3 bags
2 hats
4 Calorimetry’s
1 pair slippers
1 pair fetching
1 toy whale
1 scarf
1 Lady Eleanor

Not too shabby huh?

Now today, I will be following the lead of a dear dear friend Bethe and I’ll be ripping out projects that I have not touched/attempted to finish this past year and start clean.  I love fresh starts!

Have a very Happy New Year everyone!  Here’s hoping I will also resolve to update the blog more often too!

Have a great week!

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