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2011 Resolutions!

It’s really my favorite time of year.  I always feel like I can start with a clean slate for the new year.  I LOVE resolutions and goals and feel like the older I get, the more attainable it all is.

So for 2011 in no special order:

1.  Reduce Debt
Keeping this one as #1.  I hope to reduce my debt to 75% or higher in 2011.

2.  Save More
Working as the fantastic team we are, P and I can totally achieve this.

3.  Lose Weight
I want to work very hard leading up to March when I have my first fitting for my wedding dress.  At that point, I will need to maintain where I’ve gotten but I think I’ll be pretty happy with that.

4.  Knit more for me
I’m keeping this one from last year too.  Definitely attainable after some other projects are completed.

5.  Spin A LOT more.

6.  Sew a quilt for our bedroom

7.  Declutter/House projects
I want to declutter this house as though I am moving tomorrow.  In this manner I can ensure that I only keep what is truly loved/used/NEEDED.  I also want to do some house projects, repainting some rooms, re-doing the porch, and some work on the floors.

8.  Be More “In the Moment”.

9.  Be less busy.  I have a dear friend who has a little rule:  Only one social commitment per week.  Sometimes I pack my weeks so chock full that I am just exhausted at night and weekends.  I would just love to have some more normalcy of a regular routine so that is the goal here.

10.  Have the best wedding and honeymoon possible!  I am so lucky to have such an amazing man in my life.  I absolutely cannot wait to marry him.  May cannot come fast enough!  ❤



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