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As I mentioned, I’m part of the Spunky Eclectic fiber club and was able to pick up my February fiber at the SPA this past weekend.

It is called Think Spring! and it’s a South African Fine fiber. It also spun up so well. It reminds me of an easter egg actually.

It is a lovely blend of pastel pinks and yellows. Here it is, two ply:

After SPA, I’m definitely motivated to spin more. Maybe I can spin up most of my stash by Rhinebeck in October. We shall see!


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But I’m seriously going on a yarn/fiber diet.  I’m REALLY serious this time.

Stop laughing.

I am pledging to not buy yarn until October and no fiber except for at the MA Sheep and Wool festival and Rhinebeck.

So that I don’t fail this time, I’m allowing myself three “passes”.  On three occasions I can buy yarn OR fiber.  Not three for both.  This way if I see a pattern that I HAVE TO MAKE NOW, then I can buy the yarn if I don’t own something suitable.

I think that’s reasonable, don’t you?  Now I just need to stick with it.

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Got Fiber?

(I decided to wait longer to post the fiber I spun for the February Spunky Fiber to make sure I don’t ruin the surprise for others so stay tuned for that one….)

At SPA I didn’t make a ton of purchases, but I’m excited about the ones I did make.

This one is 8oz of Merino and Alpaca in a pretty brownish red:

And this is a bag o’Alpaca about 8 ounces of Black Blanket “Jewel” from Full Moon Alpacas

It is ridiculously soft and unlike anything I’ve petted up to now. It is clean but still “raw” so I’ll practice a bit of carding as I spin this one.

There were a few more purchases….stay tuned!

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I’m a Spunky Junky!

At SPA I did get more fiber than I’ve mentioned so far…some is in process and won’t be pictured until I’m done spinning but this one is still unspun…four ounces of hand dyed merino in the colorway Colorado from Spunky Eclectic:

Isn’t it purdy? I’m not sure what it will be yet but I am loving the colors. It’s strange…aside from natural colored fibers I bought mostly fiber with blues in it. I guess I’m shifting from green to blue for now.

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What a weekend!

We had a great time at the New England Textile Arts SPA. Bethe and I headed down Friday during all the snow arrived safe and sound and began a fun weekend of relaxation!

We got manicures on Friday, hung in at night while it snowed and spun a bit after we hit the shopping area. I was pretty well behaved when it came to the wool. I might have had a problem though as the main street in Freeport had both a Coach and Dooney FACTORY OUTLET STORE. ‘Nuff said.

So, I figured I’d show you a bit of what I was up to at SPA….

I finished spinning this wool/merino. It’s from Spunky Eclectic (my favorite) and it is the colorway Sangria. I think I might have enough for a small cardigan if I’m really lucky. Otherwise it will likely become a scarf of sorts.

I also spun up the January fiber from the Spunky Fiber club:

It’s called Snow Squall and it’s a pretty icelandic wool. It spun up so well and feels great!

Tomorrow I’ll post the February fiber that I spun up so be warned if you are in the club and don’t want to see it, don’t look tomorrow! We were lucky enough to get ours from Amy at SPA but she’s shipping the fiber to her other club members this week.

More on my fiber purchases on Wednesday!




And FUN!

Can’t wait to spin up all my goodies! I hope you all had a great weekend.

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I am SO ready for a little relaxation!  Tomorrow Bethe and I take off for a long weekend in Maine for the SPA!  It’s a weekend of spinning and fiber and spa services and cocktails and shopping and just plain old FUN!

We are so excited.  One last night before we have a fantastic weekend.  We check in tomorrow, get our mani’s and pedi’s and get ready for some shopping and spinning.  I can’t imagine a better weekend.  I’ll be bringing my (new to me) Ashford Joy wheel in it’s nifty carry case and cannot wait to spin up a storm (after the nail polish dries of course).

I hope to have some great pictures for you next week!  Have a great weekend everyone (I know I will!)!

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I’ve got the clap!

Ha!  No, it’s not what you think.  It’s Clapotis!  This pattern is so widely popular that there are literally thousands of people knitting this.  I saw one recently in person (Steph’s) and fell in love with it.  So now here it goes, my stab at Clapotis and this one is for me!

I decided to use Twisted by Blue Moon Fiber Arts in the colorway Crazy Lace Agate.

Instead of using a gazillion stitch markers, my knitting genius friend Bethe recommended that I use purl stitches.  It is working out well.  In a day I got past section two…here it is so far…

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