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Green is my favorite color.

Well it is in fact.  I just love all things green.  On that note, I am increasingly concerned about the environment.  It really does stress me out when I allow myself to ponder the state of things.  I worry about running out of food and resources.

I know I’m one small person but I’m trying to implement changes to do better.

Here’s some of what I decided to incorporate into my life:

Buy less stuff/less packaged items.
Use minimal paper towels and instead use towels that I will launder.
Stop buying napkins and use cloth ones.
Use fabric shopping bags instead of plastic.
Install a clothesline (coming soon)
Start a compost! (coming soon also).  This one is great because I hate having to buy Worcester trash bags and this way I can throw less out and maybe reduce the number of weeks I have a bag on the curb.

We already recycle paper, glass, cans, etc.
I want to try to use the local veggie stand more often than Stop and Shop.
Next year, I REALLY want to have a veggie garden.

I know a lot of people are incorporating small changes to be more conscious of the environment…so what changes have you made?


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She’s gone.

This morning my sweet kitty Bootsie passed away at home with us. My sweet Boots….you will be sorely missed.

Rest in Peace.

ETA:  Thank you all for your comments.

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Well it’s Friday and guess what?  I’m not showing you the vest yet.  Too.DAMN.Busy.

We are having a summer bash at the Ferraguto house tomorrow and I need to go prepare!  Looks like there will be a lot of friends and fun so it should be a great time.

I hope you all have a great weekend whatever you do.  Catch ya next week!

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Just a distraction….FO pics of the Back to School vest are coming I swear!

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Add this:

And this:

(Best stitch marker ever huh?  I forgot mine so I had to improvise.  Worked like a charm.)

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One bright spot…

That I didn’t mention yesterday in my “Nationals” post…I got a helicopter ride!  Courtesy of C-R Helicopter out of NH.

I have to say it was really cool (please ignore how fat I look).  It was so free feeling!

Peter got a couple rides.  I wasn’t available to get pictures except for this but you can’t see him…

It definitely was the highlight of the weekend for me.

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I’ll let these speak for themselves.  These are some of the “interesting sights” from the Worcester Summer Nationals over the fourth of July.

Ok, go back to the ranch dude.

Delightfully Tacky.

No one should wear this.

Stunt tunnel.


More cars.

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