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I wanted to grab an easy project to work on in the car on the way to and from the festival last weekend.  Something so easy that I could work on it while meandering around if I wanted to.

So I made more felted clutches.  I’m a little fast for my own good though because I finished the first one when we sat down for lunch and had nothing to work on for the ride home.

So I bought some 50% off bulky wool from the Dorchester Farms booth and made another one on the way home.  This sucker felted like mad!  I think this one will have to be a gift for a child as it is TINY.

Anyway, have a great weekend and I’ll have more knitting to show next week!


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On Sunday, Bethe, Heather, Rhonda and I headed up to Cummington, MA for the Sheep and Wool Festival.

It was a gorgeous day outside and perfect for such a trip. We meandered through the barns, made a few purchases, ate some great hand cut fries, and ended with ice cream on the way home.

I did very well (if I do say so myself) and only bought a few things. Pictures later…but my favorite soap lady was there from Sleepy Moon and that is where I made my largest purchase. Her soaps are to DIE FOR. I also got myself a bit of Yak and some pretty dyed Cormo to spin. I also got a T shirt.

So for now, look at some lovely sheep!

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My mother decided she wanted to play violin. So a few years ago she took it up and started classes. I remember hearing many renditions of twinkle twinkle little star.

She has come a long way and this year was playing with a local orchestra, The Fitchburg State College Community Chamber Orchestra.

With my lovely Palm Centro phone, I took a small video. The detail is hard to see as I was not that close, but you can see her head directly above the left arm of the conductor. As the video goes on, there is a tall man on the far right in the shadows doing knee bends. I was amused.

So for your viewing enjoyment, here is a snippet of the Spring Concert:

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I was looking around the house the other day (in my continuous quest to reduce needless clutter) and it was nice to stop and appreciate the things I have that I really love.  It was easy to snap a couple pictures but this is certainly not everything.  Two things not pictured but at the top of my list are an album my mom made for me of my whole life.  It is truly amazing.  And an afghan that my grandmother crocheted for me for my bridal shower.  Those items are very precious to me.

As are these…a drawing of me, by my mother.  She used a wedding picture as a guide.  She is beyond talented.  Taking a picture of the picture loses some of the shading and detail but you get the idea.

Another item is a quilt, a small lap quilt made for me when I was in second or third grade by a woman I fondly called “Mrs. O’Brien”.  If I recall correctly, she was an admin assistant or secretary at the Catholic school I attended until fourth grade.  She was always so nice to me and a very special person.  I remember how I cried during the goodbye mass they held for her when she moved to Georgia.

We stayed in touch through high school and even into college with some sporadic cards and later emails.  I haven’t heard from her in forever and no longer have her information but I do hope she is well.  She was a very special person.  I keep her quilt on a big chair next to a lamp so I can cuddle up and knit.

What are a few of your favorite things?

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Seriously.  I am so excited that this is a long weekend but already tired thinking about it.

My friend Jasmine gets married tomorrow morning.  I’m very excited for her and happy for her and Eric.  Immediately following that joyous event, I have another wedding to go to for our friends Steve and Rosette.  Lots of wedded bliss this weekend!

Sunday is the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Festival.  I am going to try to be strong and not buy much.  I really can’t….no room to put it.  I’ll be stuffing pillows with my wool if I accumulate any more of it.  So I want to go with my friends, take some pictures and enjoy the day with VERY minimal shopping.  We’ll see how that goes.

Monday is some free time!  I’ll likely do some work outside and some sewing.

I’ll leave you with a good picture of Bootsie (FINALLY).  The camera on my phone is pretty darn good as the lack of flash is a lifesaver with her squinty eyes.

Have a great weekend!

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I’m back.

Last week’s trip to Kansas was very tiring.  There was a lot of work to be done and I was pretty shot by the time I was through.  Just enough oomph left to get some dinner and crash most nights.  The hotel was a DIVE.  We’re talking stained carpets that have not seen a vacuum in WAY too long and mold on the caulking around the tub.  When two of us told them about it at check out they seemed surprised.  Yeah right.

The highlight of the hotel stay for one of my co-workers (a VERY young 24 year old) was this:

I don’t even think I have to say any more than that now do I?

On the long flight to and from Kansas I worked on my Back to School Vest:

And Branching Out:

We did get my sewing table set up before I left for the trip (which I super love by the way) and tonight starts a six week sewing class that Bethe and I are taking together.  I wanted to do something challenging like a lined coat or something (and I still might) but they wanted to see my “skillz” first so I cut a skirt pattern to start with.  We’ll see how it goes!  Hopefully there will be some pretty fabric pictures soon!

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Is she looking for me?  I think the kitties miss me.   Thankfully I’ll be home tonight to pet them and feed them some much needed treats!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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