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2010 Resolutions

Last January, I made this post.

I figured I’d go back and take a look and see how I did.

The “Big List”:

1.  Reduce Debt – I reduced my debt by roughly 30-40%.  Not too shabby!
2.  Save More – This one was not quite as attainable due to #1
3.  Shop Less – DONE!
4.  Lose Weight – Lost nearly 25 pounds so far!
5.  Get Fit – Also working out  quite well.  We got a treadmill this year and I’ve even been running!

The “Little List”:

1.  Knit more for me. – Absolutely.  This year I finished two sweaters for myself and a new pair of mittens.
2.  Spin A LOT more. – Barely touched it.  I think I may carry this one over for 2011.  I did spin a bit for my friend Melissa but not much else.  I’d like to revive the spinning for sure!
3.  Sew & Learn to Quilt – Didn’t get to this either.  I did get some guidance/a pattern for a quilt which I will attempt this coming year for sure.
4.  Declutter/Destash – DONE!  Well…it’s never “DONE” but I made GREAT strides in the craft room which up to fairly recently resembled what you’d see on an episode of hoarders.
5.  Be More “In the Moment”. – Doing ok here.  Still working on it.  Life is definitely amazing and worthy of each moment getting it’s due recognition so I will continue to work on this one for sure!

Now to start thinking about what I want to strive for in 2011!  Onward and upward!



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