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Last year was the year of weddings.  I think I went to six or seven of them.   And now, this is the year of babies.

So far, one friend has had her second baby in 2009 and I now have four other preggo friends.

This means baby knitting.  I always like to pick a bit of something off the registries then knit some fun things too.  Luckily I know the sexes of two out of the four so I can make some fun, gender specific items and for the others, that’s ok, I still have a plan.

But this seriously hinders my ability to post pictures of what I’m knitting on my blog.  I hope you all understand.  I am in a good baby knitting mode, crankin’ some cute stuff out and I”m early….the earliest is not due until late June, so I will be back to knitting I can post about soon.

I should be able to post some home improvement stuff soon…there is lots of painting to be done.  Stay tuned!


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Last night, I whipped up some Guinness Molasses Beer Bread.  There was one last bottle of Guinness in the fridge, leftover from the Chocolate Stout Cupcakes, the Roast Leg of Lamb recipe, St. Patrick’s Day drinking and the random Guinness fix now and again.

One 12oz bottle was perfect to use to make it so off I went.  I learned of this recipe from one of my favorite blogs here.

She got it from Elise at Simply Recipes.  Here is the link to the recipe and her post.

I also did not have self rising flour and just followed the instructions to substitute and it worked out great.  Dredging the thing with butter at the end was lovely as well.  Certainly not low cal, but lovely nonetheless.

A really quick, easy and satisfying recipe.  Give it a try!

As P and I have been cooking so much, and so many indulgent recipes, I did a search to find some more low cal options.

I stumbled across a great blog with an excellent archive of recipes.  Last night we tried the Spicy Pesto Chicken, and tonight will be Mahogany Chicken.

We added some baked sweet potatoes to last night’s dish for a side and tonight will be red wine risotto…our favorite.

I do apologize for the lack of pictures in the recent posts.  I was either too busy or too lazy to take them.  I will definitely have some for you all soon though.

Happy Cooking!

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Last week I attempted to close on my refinance for my house.  This meant a lot of things to me, one of which being one step closer to feeling some independence in my situation.

The first day I went to close, the title company couldn’t get their paperwork together in time for my ex and myself to both be available to sign.

The second day, the paperwork had the wrong date on it, the original closing date.  So that didn’t go through.

Today I closed again, but there are still unbelievably some paperwork issues so it’s not completely over, but I’m one step closer.

I’m thankful that my ex was very cooperative through this process.  He even gave me a plant and wine to congratulate me.  As I’m aware that he reads this blog on a regular basis, I’d just like to say thanks for your continued cooperation.

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It’s FRIDAY again!

I love Fridays.  LOVE weekends.  So nice to relax and unwind.  On that note, I will leave you with a kitty shot and best wishes for a great weekend.  Catch ya next week!

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P and I have been hanging out a bit and watching the Food Network.  We happened to see an episode with a large competition and the first place winner was the Thai-Inspired Stuffed Chicken.

We decided that we should give it a try.  The recipe is listed as easy and it really is, but what was a pain was gathering the ingredients.  After a total of FIVE grocery store trips we finally got rolling and we even had to improvise as we weren’t able to find Thai Chilis or Thai Basil at all.

We went to Stop and Shop, Whole Foods, Shaws and an Asian Market.  It was crazy…but worth it.

It was SO GOOD.  I was too busy eating to take a picture so you’ll have to take my word for it.  Give it a try!

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Spinning a good yarn.

February was also SPA month, the yearly trip out to Maine to shop and spin.  It was pretty crowded in any areas where you could sit and spin with others, but we were able to find a corner to squeeze in and I had the chance to spin up this:

Over three hundred yards of loveliness, wool top from The Wool Peddler.  Sea and Surf colorway.  I think I’ll make a Baby Surprise Jacket with that.

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I hope you all have a great day and a lot of fun no matter what you do.  I think P and I will have some fun in the kitchen cooking up some Irish inspired dishes to celebrate the day!

Also, thinking of a new tattoo…a celtic symbol that wraps my name into the meaning too.  I found the basic celtic symbol but need to think of a way to spruce it up a bit with more detail.

Any thoughts?


Check out the image all the way to the right.  I found a description for it from this site:


This symbol is also used to symbolize the Druidic Threefold Sister Goddess: Fotla/Eiru/Banba. Ireland, or Erin, is named after Eriu. It also symbolizes the Wiccan Threefold Mother Goddess: Maiden/Mother/Crone.

The Triskele was a representation of the importance of the number three.”
Anyway, it ties in my name, it’s celtic and I think it will be the perfect choice, just need to dress it up a bit.

So have a Happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day if you are out and about drinking the Guinness!

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