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Blog Worthy.

Been wicked busy.  Which is likely obvious as I haven’t been updating the blog.  Starting to settle back into a good routine though and Abby is learning quickly.  At 3-4 months we are very close to being potty trained which is great.  We’re currently teaching her how to ring a bell when she has to go out.  We also instituted “time out” so if she nips or barks after we say “quiet”, then off to time out she goes.  And I must say, THANK GOD, it works.

The four cats still want nothing to do with the dog, so we pet them and play with them upstairs at bedtime.  I noticed that Purl, the one long haired cat we have, was getting knotty/nappy/clumpy.  I usually chase her with scissors to snip off the clumps but these clumps were in tough places to snip so I decided to get her groomed.  We went for a “lion cut”.  I can’t believe that she and the groomer lived through the experience but all is well.  I laugh OUT LOUD every time I see her now.  She doesn’t seem phased at all though.

Jabba doesn't know WHAT he's looking at!

And a front view…

And a rear/tail view!

CRACKS me up.  I hope she’ll let me start brushing her so that when it grows back, the likelihood of getting knotty again will go down.

Recently, P’s uncle gave me a bunch of old cameras.  I don’t believe they are in working order but they make for a fabulous display for someone that is interested in photography!  We got a great shelving unit and all but one of the cameras fit and I do think it looks fantastic.

Let’s see, what else is new…attempted a “Knitting Olympics” project but didn’t finish in time.  I’m maybe 55% done though.  Also, working on a blanket and other crafty things for P’s sister’s baby shower this month.  P’s mom and I are planning it and it’s been a lot of fun!

Work is busy busy busy.  We re-organized our division and I now have more staff that work on different products so it is a challenge but it’s going well I think.

I guess that’s all the exciting stuff for now.  Just had to post Purl’s new “do”.  I hope you all have a great weekend.

I’ll be back sometime soon.


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