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It has really been quite the year and I must say, although some things that happened within the past year were tough, I wouldn’t change a thing at all.

Any challenges I faced, I overcame.  Any changes I made, however difficult, I was happier for it.

I grew up and  took control of my life.  I got divorced.  I distanced myself from unhappy situations.  I fell in love.  I reclaimed the house.  I moved on.

I feel nothing but absolute excitement when I think of what is in store for me in 2010.  The future is very bright.

Thank you all for reading and coming along for the journey I’ve been on for the past year.  I wish you all a happy and healthy new year!


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My sweet Bella

I bet you all thought this was some sort of wacked out Twilight post.

It is not, it is a bag post/review!

You all know I’m nuts about bags.  I love bags.  Handmade, knitting, leather, designer, I just love them all.

I’ve definitely taken a liking to Lexie Barnes bags, I love my Lady B and I love the retired pattern I have it in.  Definitely looking forward to seeing what the spring patterns will be.  I’ll likely have to purchase another but that’s a post for a different day.

I decided though to try to get into some bags marketed as “knitting purses”.  I’ve purchased some in the past but they never really spoke to me.  Recently, I took home a charcoal Namaste Newport bag which I’ve been carrying ever since and love, but it is quite large.  I definitely feel like I’m toting around a duffel bag.  It’s fine for going places like work where I want to bring a lot of stuff and can keep it stashed away but for a shopping trip or whatnot, it’s just a bit large.

Enter Jordana Paige and her little Bella bag.  I had one in black on my wish list this year and Mom got it for me for Christmas!  I love this bag.

It allows me to carry exactly what I need for my life, plus a small knitting project.  The bag is deep so it all fits very nicely.  It’s a nice modern looking bag and definitely one I’ll enjoy using for some time.

Take a look…


Inside View 1

Inside View 2

It’s also been pretty cool to see this bag designer active on Ravelry.  Someone had posted looking for a discontinued color in one of her bags and she responded that it was most recently discontinued and provided links to shops that they could try contacting as they may still have stock.

I just thought that her level of involvement in the knitting community was nice.  She also designs patterns and I’ve got a couple queued up to knit.

So chalk this one up to a rave for the Jordana Paige Bella bag.

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P and his mom have a thing about roosters.  You know, those Italian style stoneware rooster pitchers that pour out the roosters mouth?  P tagged those as vomiting roosters.  It became a long standing joke between him and his mom and this year at Christmas, I decided to get involved.

I found the perfect fabric and just had to make her a rooster apron.

I think it looks great!  It’s from a super easy “aprons for dummy’s” pattern and I’ve used it over and over again.

I’m a bit rusty at the sewing but I plan to tackle that more in the new year.

To complete the gift, P found some awesome salt and pepper shakers but these are especially fab because you shake the salt/pepper out of it’s tail feathers.  I’d say it was a hit.

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First ever shawl

I decided to knit mom a shawl for Christmas this year.  I got the yarn at a yarn shop in Arizona on vacation.  When I showed Mom, she said it reminded her of a sunset.

An idea was born and I set out to knit her Ishbel out of the Ella Rae lace yarn that reminds her of a sunset.

I was intimidated.  I had never attempted a lace shawl before and while I have done lacy type work on socks or a thicker scarf, this was new territory for me.

I knit it up and when it was off the needles I took a good look at it and nearly cried.  It was TINY.  I understand that I was going to need to block it but really?  It would have been beautiful for a two year old but really looked like a bandana/head wrap for an adult.

So I proceeded to block it to within an inch of it’s life.  I gave it a nice bath and stretched that sucker out and pinned her down.  In the end, the blocking saved the day.  It’s not an enormous wrap shawl but that’s not what I intended it for or expected it to be.  I intended it to be more of a scarf type shawl.

I’m definitely ready to try some more lace knitting after this.  I’m glad it worked out and I’m looking forward to doing some more.  I don’t know that I care to use actual lace weight yarn though.  I like the bulkiness of the fingering weight yarn.  I worry that I’d want to poke my eyes out working on actual lace weight but we’ll see.  I definitely have some in the stash that I can play with so maybe I will.

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He done good.

On Christmas morning, when P and I were opening our gifts to each other, imagine my surprise when I opened a lovely green della Q interchangeable needle case with a set of Addi Clicks in it.

(In addition to really cool stuff like neat little stitch markers, chocolate, a wind up walking sheep, cupcake charm, amazing wine and a sham wow set – great for blocking).

I’ve really wanted a set but just couldn’t justify the money.  I added it to my list not at all expecting it to be purchased but more as a placeholder/list for my own reference of things I covet in case I want to spoil myself at some point.

I’m about to christen them now knitting up a hat and I know I will smile each time I use them.

Thanks P for such awesome gifts.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Next up?

Now that all the holiday stuff is done and made and some even gifted, I’m onto the next project(s).

First up is a hat for P to wear to work.  In P’s line of work he can get quite dirty so he won’t wear any of the hats I knit him out of Malabrigo to work.  So, I’m going to knit a basic black wool hat for him to wear and not feel guilty about if they get dirty.

I gave him some choices and he chose the “Cabled Hat of Awesomeness” admittedly mostly due to the name.

I can’t find a good link for the hat but I have knitted one before and blogged about it back in March.

After that, I have a couple babies to knit for, then it’s all about me!  I have some sweaters planned and some gloves/mittens.

Got a lot of great stuff queued up and I can’t wait to get to it.  I also need to get back to spinning and sewing some project bags.

Hope you all are having a great week.  I’m signing off until after the Christmas holiday so have a great one and be safe!

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It is done. =)

I successfully finished all of my holiday crafting!

There were  MANY hats, scarves, and aprons oh my!

A favorite of mine was a hat set for an expectant dad.  Hat for daddy and hat for a baby boy.

The pattern is Rib-A Roni.  Not only is it a well written free pattern, but it has instructions for many sizes.

So here you see the adult large and baby size hats.

Started the adult hat on December 14th and finished on December 19th.  Started and finished the wee hat on December 19th.  I would have been done sooner but there was a lot going on last week.  I’ve since taken some days off to save my sanity but now I’m in especially good shape so perhaps now I can relax a bit.

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