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A little spinning action.

I had been slowly spinning up some roving I bought on Etsy and I now have this:

I still have a little on the bobbin to wind.  It’s all two ply and it’s Whoa Betsy Blue Faced Leicester (5.5oz) that I picked up from Etsy seller Metamorphosis Yarns.

I haven’t washed it yet but will do that this week.  Work has been so busy with deadlines and it’s been so hot out that I have just sat like a blob when I get home rather than do anything.  It should cool down today and over the weekend so hopefully next week will be more productive knitting wise.

I think next up for me is going to be some Spunky.  I had to quit the fiber club because I just don’t spin enough and receiving more and more wool is actually stressing me out.  Once I “catch up” a bit (if there is even such a thing) then maybe I’ll go back.  The fiber and colors are great, just not enough time for me to spin!

Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend.  I plan to just relax!


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Ok, I finally got off my arse and bought some batteries.

So, here is the finished felted cloche hat….I may knit and felt some flowers to sew on the side but haven’t decided for sure yet:

Then this is the felted Stafford bag, need to sew it together, line it and add handles.

Then this is an entrelac scarf I’m working on.  Lady E was so much fun that I now want to do more!

There are so many other projects I’m dying to work on.  I’m trying really hard to work at finishing some WIPs first.

I know Green Gable, Lopi and Mika will go fast….so hopefully in the next week or two there will be some big FO’s to show!

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STILL no batteries.  Was just too tired and hot yesterday to bother.  It’s going to be even hotter today so I’m quite happy to have knitting tonight where we will be in the AC!  Growing up I never had AC.  Just fans in the window.  Same at my home as an adult but the temptation to get just ONE air conditioner is totally there.  The cats look a bit unhappy too.  They just sprawl out in random places on the floor trying to stay as cool as possible I suspect.

Anyway, stay cool people, drink lots of water and I’ll be back tomorrow!

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My digital camera batteries died and the cheapo $1 Target ones aren’t working either.  So I apologize but no pretty pictures today people.

I’ve been working on wooly projects while it was cool.  Today is supposed to be really hot.  And tomorrow and up to the weekend actually so I’ll probably switch over to work on some cotton and some socks.

I finished the front and back of my Lopi sweater and just have to do the sleeves, put it together and do the turtleneck.  For Mika, I am almost at the sleeve cap shaping.  Not too bad!  I think (hope) I will have two finished sweaters in July!

Other works in progress include Green Gable, Something Red, a couple pairs of socks, and some gifts.

I did however finish my felted hat, but I think I might make some flowers to felt to put on it.  So I may hold off on showing you that for now.

The Stafford bag is just about dry after it’s felting and I have to put it together and line it and when the handles arrive, finish it up.

Not too shabby.  This has been quite the productive month!

I hope to have something for you all to look at tomorrow.  Have a great day!

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Friday night, I went over my friend Tricia‘s house for a little food and knitting. When I got there, we prepared the veggies and bread for dipping and a Tricia made a pizza. The topic then moved on to what should we watch or listen to while we knit? I hadn’t even given it a thought. So Tricia suggested that I look at the movies she had.

First I chose something with an incredibly young Vince Vaughn in it called Swingers but it so wasn’t my style and I did not even find a second of it (well a second of the amount we actually watched) funny.

So Tricia pulled out a few more movies and while she was listing off what was in the “movie drawer” I looked on the floor and saw this.


Yes, my friends, Labyrinth from 1986. I was 9. I remember loving this movie and amidst hysterical laughter on my part I informed Tricia that we had to watch that one. She had a very precious look of shock on her face. We watched the movie.

There was much laughter during this as we both believe that David Bowie was wearing shall we say “a piece”. Funny how your attention shifts to different things when you watch a kids movie as an adult huh?

This was taken from Nuclear Boy:


See what I mean???

We also had a very adult discussion regarding the “Bog of Eternal Stench”. Tricia commented that it’s just a pond of many big dirty anuses. Then she corrected herself stating that perhaps she should have used the word anii for plural? WHAT? Are you people laughing as hard as I was yet? ANII? Plural for Anuses? Actually the Urban Dictionary site seems to agree that the word anii refers to “the hole in your butt in plural form”. Well, you learn something new every day yes?

Anyway, for knitting, I did finish one side of my Stafford bag, I knitted a bit on my Lopi sweater, and worked on Green Gable. I just have to work through some body shaping on the next 15 rows then it’s on until it’s long enough. I’ll probably do some increases towards the end to allow for the fact that I am a woman with hips and curves. I can’t wait to see how this works out.

Then, Saturday, Marianne and I went to the Tweeter Center to see The Fray and Ok Go!

It was fun, but we realized amidst the sea of screaming fourteen year old girls, that we were perhaps a wee bit TOO OLD for this particular venue.  Quite depressing.  But still fun!  The Fray was fantastic and put on a stellar performance even working in Oasis’s Wonderwall and Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie ala Barenaked Ladies style.

Here’s Marianne and I at the concert (notice the very necessary wine):


Can I just take a moment here to repeat how much I love my glasses?  In May I got some Transitions lenses and I love them more than anything.  Here they are a little dark as the sun was still out.  I’m way too lazy and forgetful to deal with having separate sunglasses so these are perfect for me.

Anyways, there was a girl sitting next to us that was ga ga over the other opening act Mae.  Never heard of them myself.  She was nuts.  “Like omigod, they are so great, and, I’m only here to see them, who care’s about The Fray?”.  So she and her little friend took off for a while and we breathed a sigh of relief.  More wine would have been necessary if she continued to insist on talking with us.

She came back later to happily announce that she had been walking around and somehow managed to meet the band (Mae) and get them all to sign her shirt.  She looked at us curiously and said, “Have you two been sitting here the whole time?”.  I, of course, responded “Yes, I’m not sure what else we would do”.  Duh.  No, I’m going to troll around the Tweeter Center looking for band members that I wouldn’t recognize if I bumped into them (never mind on the street, at the concert even)!

So anyway, it was fun nonetheless except for the two hours it took to get out of the parking lot at the end of it all but I digress.

Sunday, I felted my Stafford bag (just need to put it together with lining and handles that I have yet to acquire), re-felted my hat (I think I may knit and felt some flowers for it too), spun a bit and dusted off worked on that old Mika sweater that’s been hanging out since this past December.  I hope to finish sometime soon.

So, I hope you all had a good weekend!  I’ll have progress pics soon!

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I got busy yesterday so I didn’t have time to felt the hat.  I am however almost halfway through the Stafford bag…see?

And I got the new Socks That Rock, Rockin’ Sock Club shipment…Firebird!


I hope you all have a great weekend…me, I’m off to knit with a friend tonight, the Fray and OK Go concert tomorrow night and hopefully a relaxing day Sunday!

Have a good one!

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Knitting updates!

Since I finished the June socks early I of course have at least two other pairs on the needles, well, just because. So I pick that up in between working on other things.

I think Green Gable is getting most of my knitting attention but I do have some other sweaters that I am itching to start as well as some gifts.

There are many fall birthdays to prepare for and Christmas! I’m pleased to be able to say that I have at least two Christmas gifts complete so far. It will be nice to not sweat it when December 20th rolls around and I’m scrambling to finish and block my last minute knits.

So, I’m working on gifts and unfortunately I can’t show you those (for obvious reasons). But I can you this, a felted cloche hat that I plan to wear to our Red Hat Society meeting on my birthday month.

I am a member of the Red Hat Society with my mom and since I’m under fifty (way under fifty thankyouverymuch) I must wear pink and lavender where the ladies over fifty wear red and purple.  Usually I wear a pink hat (the others wear red) and lavender clothing (others wear purple).  On your birthday month, you reverse it so I’ll wear pink clothes and a lavender hat.  So that’s where this comes into play.  I started and finished the knitting on Tuesday and just need to felt it.  I think I may knit some big funky flowers to felt too to add to it.  I’m excited to see how it comes out felted.  Here it is, pre-felting:

This week I also started something that I am just itching to start for me.  It’s called the Stafford bag.  I got some clearance gold/brass rings that I thought I could use but now that I think of it they may be too thin for this type of bag. I think this bag needs the chunky wood or plastic handles so I’ll have to think on that.

I hope to show you some sort of progress in the form of pictures tomorrow!

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