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On Saturday, May 1st, the love of my life asked me to marry him and of course I said yes!

P made reservations at our favorite restaurant in Worcester – Bocado.  We took a taxi out (which we typically do as we don’t like to limit our sangria intake) and we were seated for a great dinner.  We ate, drank and chatted about how happy we are together.

P asked me if I was sick of him yet.  I said no, I could never be sick of him and with that, he got up, walked around the table, got down on one knee and said, “then you’ll have to marry me”.  This is when I said yes, tried not to blubber and cry too much and he gave me a beautiful custom designed ring that he put together himself.

I absolutely love it and I’m so proud to call him my fiancée and within the next year or so, my husband.  =)

The rest of the weekend was just fantastic.  We visited and possibly chose a venue and a potential date.  More on that to come though.

We saw my parents (who were simply overjoyed) the next morning for breakfast, checked out another venue, and visited P’s mom who was just thrilled with the news.  She had champagne, strawberries and snacks for us and is just very excited for us and a great wedding to come!

She took this picture of us toasting:

I couldn’t be happier…in fact I think I can safely say that I’ve never been this happy ever.


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