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ABCD Puppy?  MNO Puppy.  OSAR!  CMPN?

EDIT:  A reader googled some of the above and found some racist results.  I want to edit to assure you this was supposed to be a cute nursery type saying/rhyme thing.  It’s supposed to loosely translate to:  Baby see the puppy?  Them no puppy.  Oh yes they are.  See ’em peeing?

Get it?  I know my Mom does.  😉

P and I are considering a puppy.  In fact, that consideration could be a reality this week.  We shall see.

Going to take a quick blog break as I now try to puppy proof the house which I’m quickly realizing will be much, much harder than cat proofing a house.

Should be interesting….stay tuned!


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I am so flippin’ happy that it’s Friday.  It has been a very long week and I even had Monday off so that should tell you something.

While I have some FOs, I’m just not ready to post on any quite yet.  I’m doing to myself what I always do though and I’m starting to pile on projects.  I’m trying to give myself permission to put down ones I’m not “feeling” and start new ones as I like.

I just feel funny leaving stuff unfinished (not that I haven’t done that very thing MANY a time).

So…I have some mittens for a KAL that I need to get rolling on…I’m doing the knitting Olympics so all goes on hold during that, and I really want to knit those socks before St. Patrick’s Day.  I have some other great things in the works and a very special baby to start knitting for…so I’ll be busy.

Lately, with stress and just being so busy at work, I come home and just sit there, ironically on my laptop.  In case you didn’t know, I sit in front of a computer all day as it is.  You’d think I’d come home and not want to do the same.

I’m hoping to tear myself away from the internets more and get cracking on all this knitting I want to do.  We shall see.  I have a nice day slotted for Sunday for catching up on some knitting so hopefully I’ll make a dent!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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On Disasters.

Natural disasters are a scary thing.  It’s definitely a time when people need to band together.  But what about the other times, or after it’s not headline news anymore.

I watched a news clip where a war-time reporter was actually reduced to tears in Haiti.  I’m sure this guy has seen some crazy/scary shit in his day and he still cried.  The news anchor came back on and said how we will all end up getting tired of the images and that they will not seem shocking anymore, and that the dead and looters will increase and that it won’t be new news anymore and that people will start to forget and then the people in need will be truly alone.  And that’s when they will need us.

That chokes me up.  I couldn’t give much, but I did donate to Doctor’s Without Borders.  It just sounded like the best place to put some money.  That and the Red Cross of course.

A Facebook friend had also posted that if we all took 10% of the money we were each donating to Haiti and put it to a local charity that we’d do some good both here and afar….It just made me think…and what I think I’d like to do in 2010 is to focus a bit more on some charitable work.  The difficult part is that most of what charities need are money which unfortunately I don’t have a lot of.  So I’m thinking about what else I can do and have a few ideas so we’ll see how that pans out.  I’ll keep you all posted on any ideas I come up with.

I have heard that some have knit hats for the local veterans shelter and that they were seeking out more.  I’m sure there are many ways to make a difference and it will be a nice challenge to find them.

Feel free to post any ideas you may have!  I’d definitely be interested in hearing them!

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Stay Tuned.

Still playing with the camera.

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I saw an email notification for new stock at the coveted Knitterly Things site so I shuffled on over and picked up some Shamrockin’ Vesper sock yarn.

I really love the colors.  Very “me”.  I plan to attempt to knit a pair in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

I’m thinking of this pattern here.

Hopefully I’ll have an FO out of this to show you soon!

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Let Your Geek Flag Fly

While in the midst of my current skull kick, I found the cutest lunchbox on eBay.

All little skulls.  It even came with skull shoe laces.  Not sure what I’ll do with those yet but they are fun!

I also placed a nice big Think Geek order for P as there was some fun stuff I wanted to get for him.  And I earned points and got us a set of travel mugs with…the caffeine molecule on them.  HA!  Cute no?

Check out Think Geek for some interesting stuff.  Love that site.

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Grand Hotel

I leave you on this Friday with a picture from my Tuesday.  P and I had a most excellent time at the Omni Mount Washington Hotel.  I had always wanted to stay there and never thought I would afford to.  We got a fantastic deal, sipped cocktails in “the cave”, had a lovely breakfast in the dining room and ordered the best room service of our lives for late night eats on our last night.

It’s so beautiful in there, I didn’t even try to take pictures as I knew I just couldn’t capture how I saw it.  Definitely wonderful memories of this trip and this grand old hotel.

Here’s our parting picture from Tuesday as it lightly snowed.  Have a great weekend!

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