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Well, I don’t have too much in the way of updates.  I am on the foot of my first Retro Rib sock, close to turning the heel of my first Jaywalker, 26″ into Lady Eleanor, and this far into Celtic Dreams:


Now once again, I realize I am posting pathetic progress, however, if you had any idea how long it took me to do the five rows I did across the body, then it would be significant.  I found that I cannot talk, listen or even have the TV on in the background or else I am taking back stitches/rows to start again.

 I do seem to think this will get better and that this is just an adjustment phase.

Anyway, I thought I’d throw in some kitties for fun:




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Rihanna’s lyrics (well just those I above) really speak to the problem I have with my continuous stash enhancements!

So, I have a statement to make.

You will want to sit down for this (maybe even have a stiff drink nearby).

I have decided to make a very extreme pledge, right here, today, on this blog and I hope you will all hold me to it.


I pledge to not purchase ANY yarn (sock or whatnot) until January 1, 2008.

Are you still breathing? Why don’t you have a few gulps of that drink….

This does not apply to books or fiber for spinning, just yarn. I have an unnatural amount of sock yarn, yarn for sweaters, yarn to use to knit gifts… you get the picture.

So, unless I get yarn in a swap of sorts (meaning I’m not buying it), I will not buy any from now until January 1, 2008.

Wish me luck…this will be very hard but I’m hoping it will be just as refreshing and rewarding to knit from the stash, free up space and finally get myself to work on projects I’ve been meaning to get to! I have yarn already for every project in my head that I intend to do so I should have no excuses. We’ll see how it goes!

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I have an FO to scratch off my list!!!  Calorimetry from the recent Knitty!  Everyone seems to be making them now and my last secret pal sent me the perfect yarn for it so I figured I’d give it a whirl.

 I have really made three of these, but two were gifts.  The one you see below is all mine though!  This was such an instant gratification project as it probably took only an hour each to knit up (if that).

This is made from Gedifra Fashion Trend Stripe and it’s pretty blues and brown.  The color number is 4662.




My modifications:
I only cast on 80 stitches and did about five-seven repeats of row five rather than the large number the pattern calls for before continuing with the pattern as written.

Today is certainly a good day for such headgear too as it’s been snowing all morning!  Have a good day everyone!

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Celtic Dreams

I was “called out” the other day by Julia who implied that perhaps I was only claiming to be knitting Celtic Dreams because I had yet to post pictures.  She has a point, and this meant of course that I had to post a progress picture today!  Gotta show some proof!

Now, before we get to this picture, I want to admit that my progress here is rather pathetic.  I started this with Bethe in January but put it down to work on some other things in between.  I knew I was going to post some progress today and had fully planned to work on it last night so at least a little more was done (i.e., BOTH shoulder saddles at minimum would have been nice) however I had a little SNAFU.

My lovely husband was out for the night doing his music stuff and I came home after having dinner with a friend wanting nothing more than to get in my pj’s, grab Celtic Dreams, plop in front of the tube and work on it while watching Grey’s (well maybe more like during commercials but still, good intentions nonetheless).

To my surprise, when I got to the top of the stairs and turned to get in my bedroom, I walked right into a closed door.  No big deal, I’ll just open it.  But it wouldn’t open.  It was locked.  The previous owners installed a doorknob on this particular door that you can lock from the inside and the outside, (in the hall where I was) was only a key hole (requiring a “real key” not a skeleton) and no screws to unscrew on the actual door knob, no hinges, nothing.  We used to keep the key outside of the bedroom but when painting the hall, moved the key.  To the top of the bureau, inside the bedroom.

My careless wonderful husband didn’t consider that the door could possibly lock or that the lock accidentally turned.  He was out being the rock-star that he is not reachable.  I sat on the hallway floor for hours.  I had MANY screwdrivers, pick things, bobby pins, paper clips, knives and a hammer.  HOURS.  I couldn’t get it.  When he came home after midnight he just broke the door knob so we could get in.  A total genius bonehead no?

So anyway, this is all I have, and I blame it completely on Peter.  Now how’s that for an excuse!?

It is a little tough to see the cable detail but you get the idea.


Needless to say, I will be working on this over the weekend…it’s on the list, I thank Julia for nagging reminding me, as I’m newly inspired to get to work on this one, and I’ll have new pics for you next week! 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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I  received some new items to the stash (still awaiting a few other highly coveted items so I’ll have to post again when I get those).

I got some sock yarn from Etsy seller Ruby297 and Yarn Pirate (see below).  Ruby sent along a fun little hank of yarn key-chain and some candy too.  That was very cute and fun!


In a swap, I scored (among other items) some Jitterbug by Colinette.  It feels fantastic and the colors are great!   I *think* it’s color 132, Fruit Coulis.


And a huge ball of Henry’s Attic hand-dyed in reds/pinks/white:


Still waiting for a few other fun purchases…..mwah mwah mwah.

Last night at knitting, it was one of those nights where you end up laughing so hard that you cry and your stomach and cheeks hurt.  I can’t even recall each item that was so hysterical.  One was that Jasmine was telling me that I looked like the Yarn Harlot with some face I was making.  Very, very strange evening.  To top it off, Bethe bought us some “spring inspired” headbands.  Very random, but definitely a good time.


That’s it for today!  Have a good one!

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Vesper. Luscious Vesper.

Yep, we got through! It was like buying tickets to a concert that was sure to sell out instantly.

Even as we put skeins in the cart, they became unavailable.

However, between three of us, we were able to each nab 2-3 skeins. YAY! I thought it impossible, but we persevered and made it! I’ll post pics once it arrives!!! Hmmm Vesper!

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How can this happen???

Has anyone heard about this?   A substitute teacher from CT, Julie Amero is facing 40 YEARS in prison because in 2004, while in class, some porno pop ups appeared on her computer.  Now, we all know how crazy pop ups can be and they can be completely unsolicited.  This woman has no prior record and is going to get 40 YEARS????  Seriously?  I can’t even believe that this is happening to someone.  Awful.

There is a defense fund set up to take paypal donations.  I donated.  I’m outraged.  If you want to help, you can donate through a link on this blog.

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