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I’ve actually been knitting believe it or not, but just haven’t had the time or energy to post very much.  The reason?  This little thing sucking the energy right out of me:

We are due in April and are quite excited!  I’ve already done a little bit of knitting and have much more planned!  I also have some nursery designs/plans in the works that I’m super excited about as well.

So far, I made a mobile:

I also made a sweater and hat set that we might even use for a “coming home” outfit:

The only flaw here is that the hat looks a bit huge…I have no idea how big their heads are supposed to be so I might make another smaller version of the hat too.  P gave me the cupcake buttons last year as part of my Christmas stocking.  I think it came out nice.

We don’t plan to find out the sex of the baby so we are keeping it neutral and excited to see what the little one is in April!

Hopefully my energy will return soon and I’ll have more knitting to post!


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Last weekend, a group of us piled into a big comfy car and went off to the NY Sheep and Wool Festival.

It was a great day despite a few brief bouts of rain, and a good time was had by all!  It was very crowded (which I totally expected) but I was still able to score some great deals!

Got a little bit of fiber, got home and promptly spun it up.  In doing so, I further solidified my decision to sell my wheel as it just was not what I wanted to be doing.  The fiber was pretty though!

I then got some beautiful bulky yarn…

And I plan to use it to make this.

To match it, I got this pretty sparkly fingering weight yarn:

And I plan to make these gloves.

Last, I got myself a little cashmere lace:

And with this lovely yarn, I plan to make this.

Surprisingly, this is all stuff for ME!!!  I tend to buy yarn to make gifts for others but I guess I’m on a selfish knitting streak but that’s ok.  I think I deserve it!  😉

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