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Rhinebeck this weekend!!!

I am so excited for Rhinebeck this weekend!  Four of us are going together and it will be so much fun!  I have yet to plot out my course when we get there but I have a map and a list of vendors and I’m not afraid to use it! 

 I’m also participating in the blogger bingo and already have seen some comments that I’m on some cards!  This will be fun!  So to help those with me on their cards, I am re-posting my “logo” which I will have prominently displayed with me at the festival and a picture of me!  I can’t wait to see everyone there!  I wish everyone safe travels and lots of fun!imgp1440.JPGfinalthecurlyknitterlarge.JPG


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Peter and I were on Cape Cod this past weekend and on Sunday, we decided to go to an area flea market.  Now, I’ve always loved flea markets.  One of my fond memories growing up is going to the local flea market with Dad on Sunday morning.  I have to go with him again sometime.  I used to love it. 

 So we went to this flea market and it was cold out, and the market was sparse.  Apparently it was the last weekend of the season.  People were practically giving stuff away.  While I am the shopping queen, my husband is more frugal so the fact that he remained wordless through this was quite nice.

 I’m walking along and Peter comes up to me and points saying “hey, isn’t that one of those things?”  I am quite curious at the vagueness and look over to see a wheel.  I’m breathless now.  It’s an Ashford.  It looks like it’s missing at least one part in addition to the hooks on the flyer and perhaps like someone bought it and got tired of trying to put it together. 

I asked the man how much.  He said $40.  I kept walking around, away from the wheel.  He came over and said he’ll only go as low as $35.  I wrote him a check and walked away with……an Ashford Traditional wheel worth $365.  As far as I can tell after a little research, I only need a maintenance kit (around $16) and a footman (not sure how much but it’s a piece of straight wood….I wouldn’t think it’s that bad).  YAY! 

I have a Kiwi that I got from The Merlin Tree that is converted so the pedals fold up so it’s easily transportable and I gave them a little call and sure enough, they will be at Rhinebeck this weekend with some lovely parts for the new wheel!  In the picture you’ll see a lack of foot pedal too.  I have another piece of wood and the pedal separate from the wheel so I’ll put it all together when I have the footman.

So here it is!!!  imgp1613.JPG

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I participated in a month long secret pal swap on the knittyboard and a fantastic lady called jenj spoiled me absolutely rotton!  It’s taken a while, but here are pics of the loot!  I can’t wait to spin it up (on the new wheel that I’ll talk about tomorrow….)

There’s coffee, candles, stitchmarkers, chocolate, candies, soap, handcream, and fantastic wool!  I can’t say enough about how wonderful she was to me!  Thanks again!!!


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I’ve been tagged.

My friend Joy tagged all those reading her blog to answer the following (so here it goes!):

I am thinking about: My new wheel that I scored from a Flea Market yesterday for $35 (More on this tomorrow).

I said: The stars appear in the sky, all is well.

I want to: Finish knitting my sweater.

I wish: I was home, knitting my sweater.

I regret: Nothing at the moment.

I hear: My coworker clicking her mouse.

I am: Happy

I dance: Normal (I think…but what is normal anyway).

I sing: Terribly alone in the car with the radio blasting.

I cry: When people I love are in pain.

I am not: Going to shop (with the exception of Rhinebeck-see below).

I am: Excited about Rhinebeck this weekend.

I write: Lists for everything.

I confuse: Directions in my city even though I’ve lived here for four years.

I need: To diet, start working out again, and stop spending $$.

I tag: All of you!!!!

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I love this.

This site rocks.  It rocks the house and when it rocks the house it rocks it all the way down.  WordPress beats out blogger like I can’t even explain.  I’m so happy to be here!

Now, for some catch up….

 I’ll start with Florida.  My mom and I flew to Florida last week to visit my grandparents.  I hadn’t seen them in TWO YEARS since they attended my wedding.  We had a great time.  We hung at the pool, checked out the wildlife (I am just fascinated by the cranes!),  went to Miami for the day and ATE.  Boy did we eat.  I think people just eat a lot down there.  I think I actually heard a mild panick in my grandfather’s voice when he said “geez, it’s quarter past twelve, we gotta eat lunch!”  So, I think I might have come back a disgusting cow a couple pounds heavier but hey, it was vacation right?!

So here are some pics for your viewing pleasure!

imgp1584.JPGMom and I (Grammy in the corner) on a cruise around Miami Bayimgp1594.JPGimgp1604.JPGimgp1607.JPGimgp1608.JPG

And, last, but certainly not least, a kitty shot.  They are getting along very well as you can see here.  And, they are all properly named with first and middle names.  On the left we have my big black tuxedo kitty, Bootsie Cecile and on the right, the new little one, Purl Estelle. 


Happy Friday Everyone!  Have a great weekend!!!

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Hello world!


Hello Everyone!  Please excuse the confusion while I try to convert from blogger!  Please bookmark this as the new site!

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