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It’s Friday and time for some relaxation.  I have some more FO’s to show you soon but it may have to wait as I am flying out to Kansas on Sunday for work.

I hope you all have a great weekend and an awesome week and I’ll catch ya in February.


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Last week, after a really crappy day, P came home and made me dinner.  I give him a lot of credit, a bad day, then cooking and trying a new recipe to boot.  Later in the week, I had a couple days from hell and couldn’t return the favor.  I literally would have burst into tears if I had screwed up the recipe so that night we had subs.  I’ll make up for that later though.

Anyway, P made a great pork dish with corn and rice.  The recipe for the pork was Pork Medallions with Basamic-Honey Glaze and boy was it tasty.  Thanks again for cooking for me!!

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Happy Hump Day.

Have a margarita.  Or two.  Or five.

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I had been promising Marianne a kitty post for a while…so here it goes!

Oscar has gotten so big and he is a terror.  He always attacks poor Purl.

Purl is just as pretty as usual.

This is P’s cat Loki (aka the baby hat model).

And this is Jaba, P’s other cat.  It’s like kitty Brady Bunch over here.

P’s cats are real brothers and are probably the most affectionate cats I’ve ever seen.  I’m hoping that spending more time with mine in closer quarters will prompt them to cuddle a bit more.  We shall see.  They ARE cats afterall.

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Yet another hat.

I continue to use up the stash located at my house as it looks like I may be moving!  I’m waiting for solid “proof” but it’s looking good and I think I’ll be apartment hunting soon.  A new beginning sounds so lovely!

So as I use up the stash, I am knitting up some small projects that use a skein or less.  Here’s the Noro Spiral Hat:

I have no idea what the colorway is as I think this was a partial skein from a swap.  But gotta love the Noro.  It’s like knitting crack as you just have to keep going to see the pretty colors change.

Anyway, more little projects to come and for now, keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Poor Kitty!

Since I am sort of in limbo in terms of my living situation, I have packed up a lot of stuff and sent it home to my dear parents.  A lot of it being yarn and fiber.   So I’ve decided to work with what I have for now and only buy something if necessary.  So far, I have only bought yarn for my Bella mittens.

I have decided to do some small projects and use up my leftovers.  With so many friends spitting out babies this year, I decided I should start on some wee items.

I knitted a hat, out of my leftover Twisted from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  I made my Clapotis out of this a year ago, and recently made two pairs of mittens out of the leftovers and now finished off the last of it with another Rib-A-Roni, baby style.

The model used (P’s cat Loki) does seem a little pissed, but too cute nonetheless.

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More food!

I swear this isn’t going to be a food blog, but I’ve been having so much fun trying out new recipes lately.

When Marianne and I were in Bar Harbor this past year, we had dinner at a restaurant that served Purple Jasmine Sticky Rice.  Marianne said that it wasn’t what she thought it should taste like and got me a box of the cool purple rice along with a recipe to try.

So P and I decided to make some dinner and he marinated and roasted some chicken with a ginger marinade and made some corn and I went and made Purple Jasmine Coconut Rice.

It was fun to make, I loved that the rice was so purple, but I think I screwed up the shallots.  They did not come out crunchy and I have no idea how they could have in a 1/4 c. of butter but it was good anyway.

It was strange however, as neither of us could taste the coconut.

Definitely a huge difference from the rice we had in Bar Harbor though.

So here’s dinner!

Complete with gin and tonics…

Thanks Marianne for the rice and recipe!

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