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Happy Halloween!

Ok, ok…maybe this isn’t an FO post even though I said there would be one…but hey – it’s HALLOWEEN!!!

P and I carved up some pumpkins and made some tasty pumpkin seeds.

It was a lot of fun and there were no casualties.  Good times!  Happy Halloween everyone!


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This past Sunday, my knitty friend Melissa, her mom, her friend Jen and I took a trip to CT to Stitches East.

It was a great time, and I got some fabulous loot.  Totally made up for missing Rhinebeck in my book.

And my haul (only thing not pictured was a honkin’ hank of mohair that I scored – 1400yds for $10):

Left to right, three skeins of Berroco Touche, a hank of socks that rock, some noro kureyon sock, and some lovely lace.

I also noticed a Habu booth and really wanted to try some of their funky yarn.  This is lace weight stainless steel wrapped in silk.  Will make for an interesting lacy scarf that holds it’s shape.

Lastly, I got a cute little box bag to hold one of my smaller projects.

It felt good to get out and do something yarny.  I have plans for each item I bought already so I look forward to blogging about each one separately later on.

Looking forward to more festivals and such in 2010!

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I started on my Flutter scarf with my Fall Harvest cashmere blend sock yarn.  It’s coming a long quite nicely.  I think I have to put it down though as I would really like to finish all my holiday knitting first.  Here is a bit of it so far:

Hopefully I can get back to it soon.

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Back to Sedona.

Our trip consisted of a night in Phoenix (really just to crash from all the travel) followed by two nights in Sedona, two nights in Vegas, and the last two nights back in Sedona.

The last two nights were spent at Canyon Wren cabins for two.  This place was freakin’ adorable.  It is total shock after Vegas though.  Going from the excitement of Vegas to a log cabin with no phones, TVs, internet, or cell reception was a bit tough but it was fun to relax and hang in the pretty surroundings and have s’mores by the fire at night.

When we first checked in, there were two home made brownies waiting for us.  We also noticed a stuffed bear on the bed.  P thought it would be funny to throw it at me and I hadn’t realized he did it so I was a bit startled as I thought there may have been an animal running past me.  P told one of the owners, Milena, the story and when we came back from our day out, the cabin was spotless, the bed was made but no bear.  (She informed us that the bear’s name was Penny by the way).  We thought it was funny, then P turned down the quilt and there she was.

I love it that they have a sense of humor.  We made a fire in the fireplace each night, fully stocked with wood, kindling and newspapers.  They even completely cleaned it out after the first night.  The cleanliness, service, value, really everything about this place was awesome.  Milena and Mike also do a continental breakfast and ours consisted of home made apple tarts, cream cheese danish, and fruit.

During our last full day in Sedona, we went driving to find some wineries.  We stopped at Oak Creek Winery.

I did a four wine sampling and ended up buying a nice Syrah to save for a special occasion.

Just an all around awesome vacation.  Thanks P, I had a great time with you.  Best vacation ever.

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Vegas Baby.

On vacation, we took my first ever trip into Vegas.  P had been before and recommended that we stay at the Hard Rock.  I must say, I’m so happy we did.  It was young, felt more modern and had a way better smell and atmosphere.  We went to the other places like the Venetian, Cesar’s Palace, MGM, etc but they were all very gaudy and smelled like old lady.  I also liked that the Hard Rock casino area was smaller.

The rooms were fantastic.  Big fluffy bed, and beautifully decorated.  The outside pool area was awesome too and the food/shops in the hotel were also a lot of fun.

We had lunch at the Pink Taco.  (Insert dirty jokes here.)  And through our playing, got a gift certificate to their Italian restaurant Ago where we got really tasty gourmet desserts.

I cleaned up at Roulette.  Won five rounds in a row.  (Total beginner’s luck I’d say.)  Did really well at Black Jack.  I’m totally a fan, and puttered at a few slot machines.

Outside, and along the strip was a little overwhelming for me.  SO many people.  It’s really like herding cattle.  And the people who hand out the cards for the prostitutes were hysterical.  I kept collecting them.  Like trading cards really.  I’ll trade you Angel at $29 per night for Tiffany at $39.  Too funny.

Also in the Hard Rock was a Tattoo place called Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co. Yes, I got one.  I’d been thinking of it for a while and felt this was the best ever souvenir from Vegas possible.  Many thanks to my tattoo artist, Blanco.  I couldn’t be happier with the results and it was a great experience overall!

I’m happy to report that it’s healing nicely and I have zero regrets.  It was really a great time!

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The Grand Canyon

I’m skipping my FO post for this week, too much to blog about.  I do in fact have one though so you’ll see that next week.

P and I decided to go to the Grand Canyon then on to Vegas while out in the west.  It turned out to be a MUCH longer ride/day than we thought but we were glad to see it all.

We were also happy that we didn’t spend a ton of time on the Canyon.  While beautiful and impressive, in my opinion you can only spend so long looking at rocks/mountains.  So we went, we saw, and we continued on.

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Montezuma’s Castle

While in AZ, we visited Montezuma’s Castle.  I remember in school that one of my favorite topics in history was the Indians that built their homes into the sides of the mountains so this was super cool to go see.

Per the guide materials, another group of Indians lived in smaller caves within the mountainside.

(not sure why I look SO SHORT here but I do)

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