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Everything Changes

On April 20th at 11:37pm we welcomed into the world our little Rose.  


Leading up to her birth, things were quite busy, I was quite tired and towards the end of the pregnancy, I really didn’t do much, go anywhere or knit anything.

I’m sure I’ll get back into knitting at some point, but I’m consumed and smitten with taking care of our little girl so that is really my focus at this point.

We also had a bit of a scare, at just two and a half weeks postpartum, I went in for an appendectomy.  Not quite the way I envisioned things going.  I’m now recovering and back with our little one.

This blog is really the last thing on my mind at this point so I likely won’t be posting much, if at all.  I’ll leave it out here though in case I decide to pick it up again, but for now, thanks for reading and take care!



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