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Can’t talk now…

Major work deadlines.  I’ll be out for a few days to try to finish up/recuperate.

I do however promise a great update later this week.

Take care and have a great week!


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I used to crochet.   I liked it and made many a scarf and afgan.  But when I found knitting then it all just seemed to click.   And in terms of looks, I never saw a crocheted garment that I’d want to wear.  Everything in the stores, all the sweaters I wanted to make one day were knit.

So I took up knitting.  I think I’ve done pretty well at it too.  It is and most likely will always be my first love.

On Wednesday night, almost as shocking as someone walking on water, I saw a sight that made me gasp.

Bethe was going to crochet.  Bethe does not like crochet.  In the past she has flat out refused to go near it.  She crocheted a cuff and stuff like that but I haven’t witnessed her crochet a project.

Wednesday night she started one and the funny think is there are a total of six of us at our Wednesday night knitting and we all looked at her with the same level of shock.  I give her to next Wednesday when I bet she’ll be cursing like a truck driver over it.

Anyway, enough about Bethe’s crochet.  I wish her luck and can’t wait to watch this all go down.

But she did inspire me.  Being in Ravelry, I have seen a lot of great projects and at one time I even added one to my queue or “future list of things I may want to knit”.  When I realized it was crochet, I deleted it but seeing Bethe take the leap made me put it back on my list.  The designer has another knit pattern I also hope to try but it’s fingering weight so I’ll really have to wait until I’m in the mood.

So here is the top that I hope to start one day soon that is crochet that I have been inspired to consider due to Bethe’s brave leap into crochet.

Tonight, Peter and I plan to go to Twin River to see The Tubes in a free concert.  It should be fun.  Then this weekend we head to the cape to do some house work to further prepare for some rentals.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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Here is a finished Serpentine sock for the July Sockamania KAL.

I used Laughing Rat Studios sock yarn in very pretty greens.  I definitely like how it is knitting up.

Last night Bethe showed me how to cable without a cable needle which makes it go much faster.

Thanks Bethe!

Still busy busy busy at work and still going to the gym so I’m just busy.

I hope to post more tomorrow!

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A Quickie!

Still wicked busy with work and stuff so I’ll have to post a more robust entry tomorrow.

For now, I found a link to the fall preview of Interweave Knits on someone’s blog.

I love some of these patterns!  I may have to cast on immediately for a couple!

So check it out for your viewing pleasure!

Interweave Knits Fall Preview

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Busy busy.

Well, this weekend was a success with the gym at least. I didn’t knit much but I’ve worked out each day since Thursday and feel good. I am almost afraid to not go everyday as I fear I’ll just stop. I even got up before 5am to go this morning.

So, no knitting news. I did spin up a lovely bobbin of pretty merino that I got at the Mass Sheep and Wool Festival from Spunky Eclectic. I have a few more bobbins to go I think.

This will be a light post week. Crazy busy day and night. Unfortunately there will be no post tomorrow as I have an off site meeting and will be off to the Cape tonight to be closer for the AM.

So, I hope you all have a good week and I hope to post again Wednesday or Thursday!

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Thank you all so much for the nice and supportive comments.

Last night after work, I walked into Bally’s and joined.  The sticker shock was a punch in the gut but I figure for the three years I have the membership (THREE YEARS YIKES!) in the end it will cost under $250 with my annual $150 reimbursements from Blue Cross.

I got up at the crack of dawn this morning (4:30am) and went to the gym for five to meet with a traininer (who overslept and never showed thanks so much) but I did work out (treadmill) for 45 minutes and plan to go back at lunch to do a cycling class.  I gotta kick my own but ‘cuz no one else is gonna.

Anyway, I have plans.  Plans to go at minimum four days a week.  PLEASE hold me to it.  All of you.

That was a crap load of money and a long ass contract to not use it as much as I possibly can.

Anyway.  The trainer is calling me shortly to reschedule but in the meantime, I’m going to go and literally try to work my butt off.

So the sock.  I did promise a progress picture.  I am past the heel and on the leg.  A few more repeats of the pattern and I’m done.  Here is my July Sockamania Serpentine Sock:

I do still have hopes of finishing this month so we shall see.  If I really concentrate on these I can do it.

BUT there is no way I’ll ever catch up on Mystery Stole.  Just not enough time.  I will continue with it though in between the socks.

This weekend (aside from going to the gym of course) Peter has a gig that I’m going to Saturday night at Mill Street Brews in Southbridge.  I think I’ll go if I’m not totally exhausted.

Sunday is a dear friend’s baby shower and then some spinning!  So it will be a nice weekend.

I hope you all have a great weekend and if you live in the area, come on down Saturday night and hang with me!

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This is a boring blog week!  I’m sorry I’m lacking pictures on yet another post but I forgot the cord at home.

I meant to show you some sock progress on the July Sockamania socks.  I’ll have to show you tomorrow.  I don’t know if I’ll get these done this month.  I don’t know why but I’m stalling it seems.  I like the pattern though and am almost through the heel of the first sock.

Bethe was kind enough to point out that with my list of holiday knitting, I can spend about 6.5 days per project.  This is not that bad as in 6.5 days I might be able to knock out five pairs of mittens, a Calorimetry, and a hat.  Not too shabby.  So I’m not stressing yet, but we’ll see how I am come December 1.

Today after work I am going to a gym.  I weigh the most I have ever weighed in my life and I can’t deal anymore.  I feel disgusting and quite disappointed in myself.  So, while I pledged to never ever join a gym, I am going to give this a two week trial.  Maybe I’ll be inspired.  Maybe I can MAKE myself go.  I just know something has got to give before the seams of my pants do.

Pass the wine water.  Wine probably isn’t helping the fact that my ass is expanding.

Any tips for good motivation, how not to feel self conscious in a meat market gym, or any great ways to diet, please do leave a comment.

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