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Thanksgiving was at our house this year and we hosted my parents and my brother.  It all went very well and although we worried about timing everything right, it all worked out nearly perfect.

Wednesday night, P baked some home-made wheat and white bread loaves and we made the stuffing.

Thursday morning we stuffed the bird and put it in the oven for a good six+ hours.  We later made mashed potatoes, squash, and green beans and reheated the rest of the stuffing.  It was good.

I had canned some cranberry sauce so we had that as well as a pie we had made and frozen from when we did all that apple picking this fall.

It was a successful and tasty dinner.  The leftovers aren’t a bad thing either!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


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Thank God it’s Wendesday – and a long weekend ahead!

I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving and safe black Friday shopping if that’s what you do.  Me?  I’m done shopping…now just need to knit and knit and knit away.

I wanted to end this week with something pretty also.  I’m going to break on the posting until Monday so I’ll leave you with our little rose bush.

Friends of ours gave P and I a rose bush as a housewarming present.  I planted it and it seemed to promptly die and lose all leaves.  I figured I’d just dig it up next spring but after a few weeks, it all came back and has many beautiful blooms.  I caught a little picture again in the rain.  I’m glad our little rose bush is blooming.  It makes me smile.

P and I are making our first Thanksgiving dinner together.  It should be fun.  I’ll let you all know how it goes.

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New Moon

Sunday I also went to see New Moon.

P got me some tickets for myself and a few pals to sit in prime director’s hall seats in the theater at Blackstone.

I went wearing my new Alice Mitts that I knitted on the plane…

I have to say I liked it WAY more than Twilight.  I would actually watch it again.  I was entertained.

It was a very fun time and I’m glad I got to see it!  Thanks for getting us the tickets P!

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Back from Kansas….again.

Whew.  Last week was NUTS.  A group of six of us went to Kansas for a work project and thankfully it all went very well.  It’s been “my baby” for years now and it’s finally in the semi-end stages.  It’s been quite stressful but it’s going well.

Monday, we started work at 7:30am and stopped at 2am the next day.  The rest of the week was pretty long also but that was the worst of it.

The good news is I got some good knitting done on the flight out, watched The Time Traveler’s Wife on the way back and am just happy to be home.

Unfortunately I have to go out there again in two weeks so it’s really messing with me getting work done in between and all the holiday stuff happening around this time.

I came home just in time for my birthday.  I’m now a ripe old 32.  I always  find birthdays funny.  I don’t go nuts over my own and often forget about it until I’m surprised with gifts.

P gave me an awesome homecoming and birthday.  He was waiting for me at the airport with Dunkin Donuts coffee.  This is a big deal as there are no DD’s in Kansas.  It’s a sad, sad day when I have to rely on Ihop coffee.

Then we got some tasty Italian take out and went home.  At home, he had beautiful flowers with some hydrangeas, a cake with cannolis on top (my favorite), some chilled white wine and gifts!

I can now listen to my iPhone in style while charging it and playing it via my new FM transmitter!  This is really cool in general but even better that it replaces the messy tape deck cord job I’ve got in place now and it replaces my need for the iPod charger.  Cannot wait to play with it.

Thank you P, for being so awesome (as usual) and for making this a most excellent birthday!


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A year of bliss.

Today is the one year anniversary of P and I’s first date.

This has literally been the happiest year of my life.  I’m so comfortable with him, he is so supportive, loving, and makes me so happy.  I never knew that it could be like this.  He is my best friend.  We have had an amazing year together and I look forward to many more!

Happy Anniversary honey!  I love you.

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FO Friday – Goth edition

Here is the finished skull tote.  I love it.

And I ordered some knitting skull fabric to line it with.  It has lime green in it so it’s perfect.

So that’s it for this week.  I am off yet again to lovely Kansas so I will be taking a blog break for the next week while I’m gone.

Have a great weekend and a great week.  I’ll catch up with you all after Kansas (with a bunch of FOs I’m sure as there will be plenty of plane knitting time).


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New Moon Excitement

As the release date of the movie New Moon is approaching!  I got caught up in a little bit of hype and got some movie inspired dyed yarns and roving.  One of them is called New Moon and is a light worsted weight.  I’ll be knitting Alice’s fingerless mitts with this to wear to the movie.

Here’s Rosalie (in the back), a fingering weight yarn, which will likely become socks or a shawl/scarf.  And New Moon in front of it, which will become my mitts.

This is some roving in a colorway called Forks and it’s superwash merino wool.  I love the earthy tones.  Can’t wait to spin this up.

The Rosalie and Forks came from Sunshine Yarns.  VERY friendly people, excellent service and great colors/yarn/fiber quality.  I’ll definitely give them more business in the future.

The New Moon is from the etsy seller yarnlust.

And of course, there is chocolate.  =)  Thanks to P for surprising me with it!

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