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Last night Bethe and I drove out to North Hampton to attend the Yarn Harlot’s latest book signing.

There were 600 or so people registered so instead of the talk being at WEBS, the talk was at the Calvin Theater down the street then the signing was at WEBS.

So Bethe and I decided to take a half day and off we went.  We shopped at WEBS early before chaos ensued then checked out some other shops in the downtown area and settled in for some dinner.  We had some good sandwiches and fun fruity drinks then went off to the signing.

As always, Stephanie was hysterical and there was much laughter.  WEBS gave out some yarn with some needles donated by Boye to knit squares for Warm Up America so I knitted a square during the talk.

After, we decided not to brave the crowd at WEBS and instead got ice cream and headed on home.  It was a fun night!

My pics all came out blurry but here is one crowd shot…


Knitting updates tomorrow!  Have a great day!


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On Sunday, Rachel, Bethe and I took the treck out to Cummington, MA to attend the MA Sheep and Wool Festival

It was so much fun.  We liked it a lot last year and this year was no different except we went Sunday instead of Saturday and it was better in my opinion.  Less people which made it much more relaxing and easier to shop (which is of course important). 

We saw animals:




I did a bit of damage at Spunky Eclectic.  Some great roving and finally a mug.  I eye them every-time I see her at a festival and finally bought one.  It actually has coffee in it as we speak.




Alpaca and then Merino/Tencel from The Sheep Shack at Mountain View Farm.




And some fantastic wool from The Wool Peddler

All shopping was done quickly for me.  I knew what I wanted and who I was looking to buy from.  I can’t wait to spin up some of this lovely wool!

Rachelwanted to buy a fleece so the first thing we did when we got there was head to the fleece sale.  We got a fantastic merino that is pretty blacks and brownish reds.  It feels so nice and sproingy.  It is very lanoliny though and needs a good cleaning but it will be fun to spin!  We split a fleece and it was just a great time all around.

Thanks to Rachel for driving too! 

Tonight:  Harlot at WEBS.  Update tomorrow!

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So here is the pair!  Started on May 1, finished on May 28 with a small snafu in between. 

My May Day Sockamania Club socks are knitted with Socks That Rock (STR) in Moss Agate, and also Mama E’s C*EYE*BER Fiber (when I ran out of STR and had to get creative with the toe) in the larger size.

I’m actually pretty happy with them in the end and am thrilled to have met the “deadline” and actually start and finish them in May.



This past weekend was great also because a couple friend and I went to the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Festival.  I have a report and some pics for you tomorrow. 

I do want to also show you the fantastic kit I got from Piddleloop.  They did a special Collaboration Kit where they package up a project bag, notions pouch, stitch markers, note book, pattern, and some fantastic sock yarn (with bamboo in it) that is dyed in colors to match the pouch.  I got in on it at the last minute and snagged the last one they had on Etsy.  It worked out as these are my favorite colors too!

Here it is!



I love it so very much.  The bag is just fantastic, colors perfect for me and the yarn is heavenly.  Once again, I can sing the praises of the piddleloop ladies.  Check them out if you haven’t yet!  They rock.

More this week on the festival and hopefully other FO’s!

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TGIF Everyone!

I don’t have any FO’s yet to show you….I’m on the foot of May Day sock #2 and have one more chart repeat then the toe.  Problem is, that it doesn’t look like I’ll have enough yarn for that so I may get creative.  I’ll show you next week what I came up with.  I’m thrilled that I’ll finish these in May though!

I had decided to join a fiber club, much like the sock clubs I joined where you are sent an exclusive dyed roving (4oz) each month.  It’s the Spunky Fiber Club and this month was my first shipment.  The color is Nightshade and the fiber content is Coopworth Silver.  It’s reminiscent of a garden with some pretty eggplant and other earthy colors.  I love it!  Can’t wait to spin it up.


I also found a new Etsy seller that I love.  I got some superwash sock yarn in the most gorgeous greens!
Check them out….Laughing Rat Studio.



And I also destashed some items and in turn made a small purchase at Loopy Ewe.

I ordered some sKNITches in Shrimp on the Barbie and some Cider Moon Icicle in a gorgeous green.  I’ll have to post pics when it comes in.  Loopy Ewe is a fantastic site for sock yarn.  You should check it out!

For the Super Sox Box swap that I’m in there is a contest where you are to state what you like to drink with your knitting.  I sort of found this to be a funny question but the more I thought of it, I’d say mostly coffee.  Hot, Iced, Latte, whatnot.  Sometimes iced tea, but that is just when I’m at Wednesday night knitting.  At home it could literally be anything.  Water, soda, wine, beer, gin and tonic, or some other “adult” beverage.  If I do select such a beverage though, it’s in moderation or I’m knitting something really easy.  Otherwise the next day I have to spend time undoing what I did the night before.  ;0

How’s that for an answer!

Anyway, the weekend is going to be fantastic.  Tonight, I’m hosting a Tastefully Simple party at my home with a bunch of friends in attendance and tomorrow, I’ll probably clean, take a walk, garden, and otherwise relax before Peter’s big gig at Tammany Hall in Worcester (it will be an excellent night so come out if you are in the area). 

Then Sunday is….the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Festival!  I can’t wait.  I’m looking to pick up some nice fiber and just absorb the day. 

AND, if all that wasn’t fantastic enough, I have Monday off as a holiday.  I don’t think it can get any better than that.  So, I wish you all a fantastic weekend, and I’ll “see” you next week!

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New Adventure!

I started thinking that maybe one day I’d have some sort of business that is knitting or spinning related.  I don’t know what that would be yet, but it sounds nice as a goal someday.  It would probably be a side project but I think I could really do something good one day. 

So, in preparation (since there is no time like the present) I decided to secure a domain for myself.

I may move sometime from here to there but will for now, continue to blog here.  I figure, in a basic sense, the site looks alright.  It is sort of just a shell for now, and you can link to here from the site.  I’m not sure exactly what purpose the site will serve me quite yet but I do have a few thoughts floating around. 

So…go ahead and check it out:  www.curlyknitter.com

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More updates….

Just a few pics and updates today.  It’s been quite a busy week with work so I’m sorry the posts are so light.  Still working on May Day sock #2 of course.

Here is my Lopi sweater in process:


The white splotch is actually sunlight…

And casting on for some easy stockinette socks in a little Claudia Hand Painted….


Yes, that is some lovely yarn.  I’m just going to do a short cuff rib then stockinette for the rest.  It will be a project to grab on the go when I can’t pay attention to a pattern.  This lovely cake of hand painted goodness is nestled safely in my Small Project Pouch from Piddleloop.  They rock by the way.   I’m completely and utterly addicted.  I can’t even speak of the amount of business I have given these ladies.  It is good stuff though.  You must check them out.  They have a web site and an Etsy store and are just fantastic. 

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Well, checking my camera I only had two pictures from the wedding.  I think I was too busy having fun to be a good photographer.  AND  I didn’t even take one of them (because I am in it).  Oh well, here they are….the food:


Which was really good I might add…..and me and Marianne:


Again, I can’t even begin to say how much fun we all had at that wedding.  Congratulations Michelle and Shawn!

Now….for some quick knitting updates:

I am about to work the heel flap of May Day sock #2 and it will go pretty fast from there so I will most definitely finish this month.
I also started a sweater for me, just like the one I made Marianne and have finished the back and am four inches into the front.
I have more secret projects too (of course) which will be revealed in time.

And now….for Purl!  It’s like her reveal day.  It’s been six weeks since her orthopedic surgery on her little leg.  I let her out in the office this morning.  She is darting around like a crazy kitty.  There is running, jumping and all sorts of standing on legs.  I’m about to panic, but she seems ok.  Wish us both luck today.  I think she’s way too hyper to let her downstairs so I’ll just keep her up here for a bit.


Yay! I’m free!  Free at last!!!

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