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Hello Cupcake!

I have a thing for cupcakes.  I am not a big fan of eating large honkin’ pieces of cake, but smaller bite sized doses are perfect for me if I want to indulge and a cupcake is the way to go.

More than the cake part, I love the concept of a cupcake.  I have yet to experiment with different cake recipes and such but am now trying out different decorating techniques.

Enter the book Hello, Cupcake! This book is fantastic.  It has really creative ideas for cupcake decoration and the directions make it pretty easy to do with no special tools.

P had a guys night complete with some gaming so I decided to leave them with some cupcakes for a good night in.

Popcorn anyone?

I got a few popcorn containers from the dollar section at Target and made some mini cupcakes which I frosted white and placed some mini marshmallows on top and arranged in the popcorn container.  Voila!

While he was doing his thing I went out to have dinner with my friend Tricia, her hubby Cesar and two cute little boys.  As I was on a cupcake kick I decided to bring along some flowers.

These were supposed to be more like sunflowers, but I got the icing colors a little wrong.

These larger cupcakes have green icing, then an Oreo on top, then I piped the flower petals out of a combo of orange and yellow icing.  The lady bugs are made of red M&Ms with black piping for detail.

Fun, and pretty easy to make and they look great.  There are so many other awesome ideas in the book too and some recipes.  I can’t wait to try more!  Enjoy!


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Out with the old.

I bet you thought this was going to be a very different post huh!  No that post will have a very different title, like “BOTH BARRELS”.

Anyway, I figured I’d show some of the rehab we’ve done on the house.  LOTS of painting, replacing fixtures, new ceiling fans, new switches/outlets and covers.  Replacing old brass/gold hardware with brushed nickel.  LOVELY.

Here is what WAS the dining room, which is now the living room BEFORE:

Here is a snippet of it AFTER:

Master bedroom BEFORE:


P also installed a KICK ASS ceiling fan in the bedroom:

And one in the kitchen:

And one in the living room:

And one in the spare bedroom:

We also repainted the kitchen and bathroom….need to get some better kitchen pics but here’s one of the bathroom…chocolate brown walls with white trim and satin nickel hardware:

We still need to do more decorating but for now, we are settling in and merging stuff quite nicely.  Tonight I host my first “event” since I the whole turnover.  I’m pretty excited about it.

More to come!  I hope you all have a great weekend!

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