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Puppies are a LOT of work.

Everyone told me that puppies were a lot of work.  I did in fact believe them but don’t think I could have anticipated being quite this overwhelmed.

She’s really a sweet girl.  Currently sleeping next to me on the couch.  They think she’s a Lab/Shar Pei mix.  She has a black tongue.  She likes to play and took a bath very well.  BUT – she loves to poo and pee in my dining room.  I’m quite discouraged that she is not broken of this yet.  We are more on schedule for going outside but still apparently not quite good enough.

I’ve never had a dog so not only is having this type of dependent animal new for me, it’s a puppy and even more work to train.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy all in all to do this and make her into a fantastic companion for us but wow, still overwhelming.

I have pictures, but no time to upload them.  There has been no knitting, no spinning, or anything else like that as I’m either watching her like a hawk to thwart the poo and pee or I’m exhausted and doing mindless things on the internet instead.

So, I’ll post a couple pictures of her to hold you all over.  More to come, but for now do not expect any type of regularity with the blog posts.  SO not going to happen.

Our little Abby.  A two month old lab mix.


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