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Food and Planning

In order to maintain some sort of restraint when it comes to excessive grocery shopping, I have been doing pretty good with planning out our meals.  As a family, we use Google Calendar to keep track of what we have going on.  This way, we can make plans without checking in with each other and make plans for each other when necessary also.  

I keep other items on the calendar such as when to give the dogs their heart worm pills and most recently a weekly menu.  

Prior to grocery shopping, I plan out all my recipes for the week, plug each one into a day and off we go.  It has worked out pretty well so far.  I either Google search for recipes that contain certain ingredients and try those or I browse Pinterest to see what inspires me.  There are also some cute ideas for menu boards that you can hang in your kitchen but with limited space in this house, I’m going to keep it to the on line calendar for now.

I read an interesting post about making freezer meals which will be helpful when I’m out on leave with the baby and when I’m back to work and our schedule is more hectic.  I need to get started on trying some of those.


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A cabled hat to match!

Just finished the Otis Baby Hat.  It is sized just right for a newborn and has three cable sections around the hat.  It goes just perfectly with the sweater from my last post!  This may be a coming home outfit contender!

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Slowly but surely I seem to be getting knitting motivation back.  Knitting baby stuff helps as it’s almost always quick and more of an instant gratification type of project.  This short sleeved sweater knit in cotton should be perfect for an April newborn.

Puerperium Cardigan
Short sleeve version- ended up with six button holes
Knit on size 6 Addi Clicks
Knit with Jo Sharp Soho Summer DK Cotton

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Every year one of my favorite posts is to reflect on and post some resolutions.  I love a fresh start and the chance to sort of start over.

This past year was amazing.  I married the man of my dreams (and still can’t believe how lucky I am) and found out we are expecting our first baby.  Although I did not accomplish most of last year’s resolutions (except for having an awesome wedding/honeymoon and losing some weight…) I’m pretty much at peace with it and as with every year, ready to have at it again!

2011 was a great year!  Some high points…

Bachelorette Party May, 2011

Our Wedding Day – May 21, 2011

Honeymoon in Ireland – May/June 2011

In August 2011, we found out we are going to have a baby!

October 2011 – Fun at Rhinebeck

And, Christmas 2011

It was truly an amazing year.  We accomplished a lot too.  We put on a new roof, gutted our basement, bought Pete his truck and a couple rooms of furniture.  We have plenty more to do in 2012 too starting with a nursery.

So that brings me along to my New Year’s resolutions for 2012.

This year, we will become first time parents.  I think that itself is a resolution.

So here it is, my lofty goals for 2012:

1.  Be Healthy – Continue to have a healthy pregnancy and hopefully a healthy baby and get into shape after as quickly as possible.

2.  Continue my mission to reduce debt.

3.  Retain my sanity and hopefully still get some knitting time in!

Happy New Year and best wishes for an AWESOME 2012!

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