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With the holiday season approaching, I’m starting to reflect on this year and my resolutions. I did not really meet many of them, even the simple ones.

As usual, I’ve failed thus far with the losing weight one. Still “trying” but hasn’t happened the way I planned.

Next, I have not spun once a week as I decided I would. In fact now, with holiday knitting, I definitely don’t think I can commit to that.

And, I think I said I’d post at the end of each month with my FO’s. I obviously have not done this either but hope to be more organized with my FO Fridays.

So it’s making me think of next year and so far, I think I’m going to keep some of the same resolutions…but maybe this time really stick to them!

It’s the wool. The merino, llama and other loveliness going to my head, reminding me that I don’t spin nearly enough and it’s starting to motivate me to get going! Hopefully there will be more spinning content soon even while holiday knitting is underway!

I’m in surprisingly good shape for the holidays this year with most of the gift buying and gift knitting complete except for about five items.  Not too shabby for it still being October!


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FO Friday!

Welcome to my first FO Friday!

May I present to you, the City Shawl by Stephanie Japel.

Started: Monday, October 22
Finished: Wednesday, October 24
Needles: Knitpicks Options (metal) size 15.
Yarn: Delly’s Delights Farm “Regal” in the colorway #401 Merino Wool purchased at the NY Sheep and Wool festival.

This stuff feels so good that I had to knit it immediately. For the very first time, I feel this way about everything I purchased at Rhinebeck – heck anywhere!  I promise I will start modeling my FO’s…sometime soon.  I think I might be nicer to look at than the blocking board…maybe…on a good day that is.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Almost forgot!

It’s not technically a Rhinebeck purchase, but I did pick up some wool and llama that I sent to be processed. Zeilinger’s has a booth there so I sent the wool to them, they processed it and brought it all to Rhinebeck for pick up.  So here it is in all it’s ready to spin glory.

The llama.  Gifted to me by a friend of blogless Jen who I met at a “shiggy hash”.  All I can say is it’s a wierd running club of sorts but looks to be a lot of fun.  There’s plenty of beer so that means they’re alright!  Anyway, it’s almost three pounds of what Z’s called “red llama”.  I think it’s more of a brown in person but it is gorgeous and soft either way.

Next up is some lovely chocolate brown merino that I got from the MA Sheep and Wool festival earlier this year.  Rachel, Bethe and I split the fleece and I sent mine and Bethe’s share in for processing.  So we each have just over a pound of that too….you can almost see how soft and “sproingy” this stuff is.  I just want to squish it.  I might see a cardigan in it’s future!

Cannot wait to spin all this stuff!!!!

Anyway, I thought I’d end with a bit of an announcement….I’ve decided that Fridays here at curlyknitter will be “FO Fridays”.

What this means is that every Friday I will show you a “F”inished “O”bject.  So stay tuned….this way I can promise some pretty pictures!!!

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My Weenie.

I’m participating in a Hallo-weenie swap on the knittyboard this year.  My ‘weenie is a sweetie and has already sent me an ecard and now a package!!!

Thank you weenie…whoever you are!  Come on…fess up!  Who is my weenie?

My weenie sent me:

Some really cool vintage looking post cards:

Some fantastic sock yarn (two balls!!) and some chocolate!  YUM.

Some really nice soap:

Some halloweenie candy:

And some fun straws with big eye balls floating in them.  (I had the beer…after the car issues I had the other day I needed it but that’s another story for another time).

Thank you so much weenie!  The package really made a rough day better!  You rock!

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I’m back but wish I could have stayed forever.  I know I’m late in posting but I figured after being so thrilled about going, I owed you all a summary at least.

It was so much fun.  Bethe and I had our bagels and coffee and headed out bright and early on Saturday morning.  We got there just shortly after 9.  The drive up was gorgeous.  Prime leaf peeping I tell you.

We meandered through the booths/barns/buildings.  I got some wool hand dyed in my favorite colors, some great bulky soft and squishy yarn for a scarf (that I started and finished Sunday) and some sock yarn.

We participated in a meet up (beer in hands at 11:30am) for Ravelry.  It was fun to meet people in person that you see on the boards.  There were a ton of us too!  Jess and Casey, the Bostonite founders of Ravelry were there.  They have a cute dog named Bob (who sadly had to stay home) but I did get a picture of Casey’s shirt.  Too cute!

We checked into the Super 8 which was probably one of the shadiest hotels I’ve ever stayed in.  Writing on the ceiling, mold in the bathroom, lack of good locks, yes, it was quite something.  It was last minute though and all that aside I was thrilled to just be there.  We already have a reservation for next year (just not the Super 8)!

Then we went to the Morehouse Merino Farm store that they are closing in order to do just on line orders.  The store was gorgeous though and the yarn was BEYOND heavenly.  Seriously.  I could have done major damage in that store but I restrained myself and just walked away with this:

After that, we went to the Ravelry party at Riccardi’s Hideaway (which was fun once we found it).  It was sponsored by some yarn stores/companies and afforded us all the fun time of a buffet and OPEN BAR.  I’m not kidding.  The locals were quite confused.   There were drinks a flowin’ and people knitting.  It was great.

On Sunday, Bethe and I hit the barns once more to look.  I got this to make this:

And some buttons that will go with some wool I’m spinning and if I get enough yardage I’m going to make this:

We headed home a bit early on Sunday.  After a while of maneuvering around hordes of people and baby carriages and the like, it was just time to go.  We took our purchases (oh, and the wine and cheese and other food goodies we bought) and headed home.

It was great and I can’t wait until next year.

Next up is SPA in February and I’m already giddy with anticipation for that trip!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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Rhinebeck or Bust.

Bethe and I leave for Rhinebeck in the morning! I am so excited I could spit.

I destashed a bunch of yarn, fiber and other knitting related items that I no longer want/use and in turn have some spending money! YAY!

I cast on a plain toe up sock last night (something easy to tote around and knit without too much concentration) it’s some sock yarn from Spunky Eclectic. LOVE her and how she dyes her sock yarn and fiber! She’ll be at Rhinebeck but sadly not as a vendor. I’ll be hitting her booth at SPA in February though!!!

So many people will be at Rhinebeck that I’m dying to see/meet in person. There’s a Ravelry meet up at lunch, a few after parties and of course just lots of fiber and shopping.

This weekend you’ll see me wearing one of these two things (one on each day). My green gable is wet so if it’s not dry by the morning, that will be my outfit for Sunday.

Got socks, got some other knitting projects to play with, the camera, batteries and I’m ready to go!

I’ll have some pictures and a summary of the weekend by Tuesday. Have a great weekend everyone!

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One more day until Rhinebeck and I’m so freakin’ excited.  Why do I say one more day?

Well because plans have changed and I was lucky enough to get a hotel room last minute for Saturday night so that means that Bethe and I are headed down for the whole weekend instead of just Sunday.  This means more fiber, time meeting other bloggers, a few “after parties” that occur Saturday night….I almost can’t take the excitement!

Anyway, I’ll be posting more tomorrow but for now…YAY ONE MORE DAY!!

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