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I have plenty to blog about but no time in which to do it.  I have a lot going on (which I will not bitch about on here) and will have my hands full for a while.  May be months.  Anyway, thanks for reading.  Hopefully I’ll post again in the next few months but we’ll see.


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Catch up before I’m out!

Hey peeps.

First I have to say belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Mom, (Sept. 2) and to Steph (Sept. 3)!!  Hope it was a great one for you both!

Next, I am off to Kansas, hopefully for the last time on Sunday so the blog will be empty for the next week.

Lastly, I am copying both Marianne and Joy and posting this from Friday Fill Ins:

1. The last meal I had at a restaurant was A CHICKEN SANDWICH.

2. INCONSIDERATENESS is something I intensely dislike.

3. The full moon IS BEAUTIFUL.

4. WICKED is one of my favorite local expressions.

5. Sometimes it’s best to JUST DO IT.

6. ???? is the best movie I’ve seen so far this year!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to GETTING TOGETHER WITH A GOOD FRIEND, tomorrow my plans include PACKING, CLEANING, DINNER WITH SOME GOOD FRIENDS and Sunday, I want to KNIT A LOT ON THE PLANE!

Have a great weekend and a great week next week!  Catch you all later!

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In August, a crap load of people “signed up” to participate in the Summer Knitting Olympics, copied from the Yarn Harlot’s winter Olympics she kicked off a couple years ago.  This time, since Ravelry is so popular, there was a lot of participation and a lot of different “events”.

I signed up for WIP Wrestling.  This is an event in which you work on all of your outstanding “work in progress” projects.  I had five.  Two scarves, a pair of mittens, a cardigan and a pair of socks.  I didn’t finish completely but am very proud of what I did do!  I finished all but the mittens and socks.  YAY!

I’ll post FO pictures soon.  I did however host a kick off party during the opening ceremonies with our team, BAMF Knitters.  We ate a lot of food.  It was quite funny to see that every single person brought DIP!!!

DIP anyone?

DIP anyone?

Anyway, the food was great, and there was of course beer.  Stellas were the official beer of the summer knitting olympics.  And it seemed a great time was had by all even on the floor in my tiny living room.

Kicking off the festivities!  We all look excited dont we?

Kicking off the festivities! We all look excited don't we?

I’d post more pictures but most are grainy like this one.  But it was a great time, I love my BAMF girls and can foresee many more fun times with DIP ahead.

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