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Wedding Shawl Progress!

I am knitting a shawl to go with my wedding dress.  I had pulled together a large list of shawls that I could consider but needed to really pick my dress first.  Now that I have that settled, I decided on a light, airy stole that I can use if it is chilly on our wedding day/night.

I am knitting a Rowan pattern called Purity.  I’m not using the yarn it calls for though, but a similar blend of mohair and silk.  I am halfway through the increases on the pattern.  I think it will be perfect for the occasion!

I know it looks a little plain right now but it’s really the edging that dresses it up more and that comes later.  Hopefully I’ll be done soon and can post a beautiful finished wedding shawl!


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Well, the countdown continues to Christmas.

I have very very very little left to buy and other than that, I have about three or four knitting projects to complete, two of which are in progress.  Not too bad I say!  I also have one sewing project.

I had hoped to be completely done by Thanksgiving, but I’m not sure that will happen.  It’s possible though.

I’ve taken some small breaks here and there to make other things, or to start something for me.

I’ve been working on a felted knitting tote for me that is a bit Halloweeny in that it’s got a skull on it, but I think skulls are one of those timeless designs don’t you?

Here’s a picture of the front of the bag prior to felting (sorry about the bad cell phone picture).

I just have to get the straps finished and the bag felted and hopefully you’ll see it soon on a FO post!

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I started on my Flutter scarf with my Fall Harvest cashmere blend sock yarn.  It’s coming a long quite nicely.  I think I have to put it down though as I would really like to finish all my holiday knitting first.  Here is a bit of it so far:

Hopefully I can get back to it soon.

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In a while, crocodile!

I have the cutest knitting kit from Morehouse Farms which is a little kid’s alligator scarf.  Not only is it green (my favorite color), but it’s really squishy merino wool.

It’s coming along nicely, just a bit repetitive.  You can definitely see an alligator here though.

I’ll have to steal someone’s adorable kid to get a picture when it’s done.  😉  Any volunteers?

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TGIF everyone!  This was quite a week.  I was suppose to be in Kansas again but due to some flight delays in Boston on Monday, I got permission to stay home and help out remotely.  It worked out pretty well on my end.

So, in continuing to blog about my knitting projects, I’ll show some WIPs (works in progress).

First is the Baby Soft Cardigan from The Knitter’s Book of Yarn in a nice green merino from Morehouse Farms:

And the Rosalie scarf, another pattern by my dear friend Bethe!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Ah, 2009!

I guess I’ll kick off the new year with a post!

I’ve definitely been knitting and am currently a test knitter for my dear friend Bethe, making Bella, mittens identical to those in the movie Twilight.

Initially I wasn’t going to read those books.  I figured it was just for the teens and that I would find them stupid and ridiculous.  However, I found them totally enthralling.  I read through all four books at the speed of light as did a large group of my friends.  We were so into it that we went out to see Twilight on opening night.

I was so pleased to see so many great knits in the movie and we all just loved Bella’s mittens.  I’m tickled to be doing this knitting and cannot wait to wear my mittens.

Picture posts to come, with Bethe’s permission of course…and for those on Ravelry, stay tuned for her pattern, coming soon!

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Going very green?

Like most, I too am concerned about the environment.  I try to remember to always do what I can to reduce, reuse, recycle.  I usually use my own coffee mug at work instead of their disposable cups, I use fabric bags when grocery shopping, etc.

But lately, I’ve heard people discussing paper towels.  There are many out there that don’t use them.  I can see this working except when cleaning up a “cat episode” or blotting wet chicken out of the package before freezing or cooking it.

Otherwise, I would like to try to make a conscious effort to not reach for a paper towel but instead use some dishcloths.  I feel a lot of dishcloth knitting in my future!

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